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October 18, 2016 8:58 am

activ8me nbn sky muster distance education
The availability of online classes has allowed Australians to pursue their advance education and fulfill one of their life goals. For residents living in regional and rural Australia, online classes used to be a city-folk privilege as the ones who are living in the city are the ones who have access to reliable internet. All that is changing with the arrival of the National Broadband Network’s (nbn™) Sky Muster™, a much improved satellite internet connection compared the previous satellite service.
Activ8me customer Danielle Delaney is a distance education student in Bungwahl NSW and is currently enrolled in an online class for a bachelor’s degree.

“I’m studying an online degree. It’s a Bachelor Fine Arts and Visual Culture. In getting connected to Activ8me, I feel like I’ve got the same opportunities as other people in the city or even attending university on campus,”

For Danielle, going onboard the new Sky Muster™ satellite internet connection gives the assurance for a reliable internet connection that makes for an enriching and immersive experience in attending her online classes.

“I can join my online classroom in each stage and know that my internet connection is not gonna drop out.”

For Australians living in regional and rural areas of Australia, the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service gives the opportunity to get connected to a fast and reliable internet service that gives them the chance to experience the internet activities of what their city counterparts consider a daily normal routine: from streaming HD videos to online chatting, shopping online and enrolling in online courses.

“Now that the new Sky Muster is here, people right across regional and rural Australia are able to do all of the sorts of things that people in the city take for granted,”

-Ian Roberts, Activ8me’s Marketing GM.

The dream of attaining further education or achieving a degree online makes life much more fulfilling and there are many like Activ8me customer Danielle Delaney who will be able to pursue distance education through the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service.
“Activ8me and Sky Muster has really changed my life,” said Danielle.
The nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite brings better satellite internet connectivity to regional Australia. To get onboard Sky Muster, call Activ8me today 13 22 88 or visit:

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