Update – December 2, 2020

We are happy to report that overnight this outage has been resolved.

Activ8me engineers have worked tirelessly to repair the fault in our core network, completing that process early this morning, meaning all services have now been restored.

If your service is not yet back online, please power cycle your equipment.

Restarting your nbn modem (by turning it off and on again) will reset its connection to our servers, which will allow it to reconnect successfully.

We shall continue to monitor network stability very closely over the coming days, to ensure no further issues arise.

We appreciate your patience and understanding over the past few days as our team have worked to find fix this issue.





Update – December 1, 2020

This notification is to inform you, our valued customers, of the significant network issue that began Saturday evening 28/11/2020.

We realise the need to provide you with an understanding of these issues and what we are doing to resolve these issues.

We had a major failure in our core network across multiple hardware components.

Engineers have restructured the network to resolve failed hardware but are still experiencing stability issues in our core border routers.

Attempts to restore services and maintain stability are ongoing and all effort to return stability have been deployed.

The effect of this has been an extended outage for some customers, whilst reoccurring and regular prolonged drops in the internet service for many others.

Engineers continue to investigate with engagement from 3rd party vendors.

Activ8me will not stop in our efforts to resolve the issue so that all of our customers can experience the quality internet service that we feel is our obligation to provide.

We will provide further updates as information becomes available.

There will be a thorough post-incident review focusing not only on technical aspects of this network issue but also on our customer experience and compensation.

We understand the frustration you experience and challenges in work and life due to a lack of reliable internet, and appreciate your patience and understanding as we are trying to fix the service.