Self-check: choosing the best internet speeds for me

June 2, 2015 9:12 pm

internet speedThe extensive list of Internet options out in the market today makes it very difficult for subscribers to decide which of the available NBN broadband plans is good or fast enough without costing too much.
Depending on what sort of activities you do online and how often you do them, there is an Internet plan that’s perfect for your usage, meeting both your speed and your budget needs.
Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best Internet plan according to your needs.

  1. Web browsing, emailing, and the occasional photo uploads – for this set of online activities, 1 to 2Mbps (megabits per second) of a basic high-speed connection should suffice. There are plenty of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who offer basic packages such as these, with rates affordable enough for monthly payments.
  1. Basic video streaming and playback – consistent playback of these “basic” videos either to a laptop or TV can be achieved with 2.5Mbps download speed or something slightly higher.
  1. HD video streaming – if you’re into Netflix and the like, you’re going to need a connection of around 4Mbps up. For best results, the recommended speed is 6Mbps or higher. Apart from streaming videos, this will allow you to download music effortlessly.
  1. Online gaming – when it comes to online gaming, you need to look into the upload speed of the Internet package you’re looking to get. Go for at least 2Mbps upload speed or higher if you can.
  1. Multiple devices – for households with multiple devices, it must be emphasised that the tips mentioned above apply PER DEVICE, so if your connection will be used by multiple devices all at once, you need to get a higher plan with better connection speed that can power all your devices at home with ease. Download speeds of about 6-10Mbps should do it.

Need more help? Consult Activ8me’s Plan Guru to get assistance with choosing the best plan to suit your needs.  Get in touch with us to discuss the Internet plans available to you in your location.

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