Security Apps for Your Phone

February 24, 2014 7:14 pm

Even with its growing commodified nature, there is no reason smart phone users should take their phone’s security lightly. Data loss and actual theft are examples of everyday threats to your smartphone’s security.

Phone security apps

Thankfully, there are apps that will track your smart phone on those occasions that you think it’s missing. No need to tie a leash on your phone.
1. Lookout
Lookout lets you secure your Apple device – an iPhone, an iPad or an iTouch – anywhere. Aside from keeping your phone safe against privacy issues such as malicious websites popping on your device or apps trying to access your private details, Lookout helps you locate your device whether you think you misplaced it under the couch or it got stolen. It can even back up your personal information even if you haven’t synced your Apple device to your computer. Locating your phone is easy by using Google maps on your browser.
2. Find My iPhone
This app will let you locate your missing iPhone (and other Apple devices) using another iOS device. It is a free app that will require you to sign in using your Apple ID. Aside from helping you locate your missing Apple device on the map, Find My iPhone can also erase all data stored on your device before someone uses it for any ill reasons they may have. Your device needs to have iOS 7 and later versions plus an iCloud account. Creating an iCloud account is also free.
3. Dropbox
Why Dropbox you might ask? It’s a file hosting service that offers cloud storage and file synchronisation. What is its role in ensuring your device’s security?
You need to synchronise your Dropbox account on your device with your computer. If by unfortunate circumstance your device gets lost, there is a way for you to know who has it based on the files that will sync with your Dropbox on your computer. If by any chance your iPhone thief took a picture of himself, a copy of his photo will go straight to your Dropbox. An instant mugshot. While security is not its main feature, it is a reliable app that goes beyond your productivity goals.
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