Activ8me heads to Raine Island to see Green turtle nesting

June 21, 2017 2:02 pm

Activ8me have joined a project to help save the world’s largest nesting site for thousands of green sea turtles has been bolstered with nbn Sky Muster satellite connectivity by Activ8me, Australia’s largest nbn™ satellite broadband provider.
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Activ8me Chief Technology Officer, Rob Gallesio, visited Raine Island with the project team during one of their research trips in order to install the internet services, and lived with them on the boat for ten days.

“We know that to provide reliable connectivity to remote areas of Australia, we need to work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and the conditions they are facing,” says Activ8me’s Chairman, Tony Bundrock.
“This means our staff get the opportunity to visit remote parts of Australia many people don’t normally see.”

After just six months in operation, the fast, reliable connection of Activ8me’s satellite internet infrastructure has completely transformed the way the researchers work.
The project team has now placed equipment around the island, such as remote cameras, weather stations and environmental sensors, that collect and transmit data back to the mainland base via the Activ8me high speed satellite internet. For example, by monitoring the temperature and water levels on the nesting beach in real-time, they can investigate more deeply the issues at work on the island.
Due to sensitive scientific research and world heritage protection, Raine Island is restricted from public access. However, the future opportunities for the project team are now endless. For example, using Activ8me’s satellite internet infrastructure, they could remotely monitor who is accessing the island without permission.

“The ability to manage the island and data collection without being on the island is now a driving factor for the project,” says Mr Gallesio.
“Now, while they’re on the island, the team is collecting data on tablets knowing the internet satellite link is sending it straight to a central database system in the cloud. So they know the data is secure and the team back on the mainland can see it in real-time.”
“Not only can they collect data and footage from different locations around the island, they can also remotely manage the equipment and the way it collects data, without having to revisit the island to adjust it.”
“Ultimately, connecting Raine Island is a really important example of how this can be done elsewhere,” says Mr Bundrock
“It enables the researchers to do their best to manage this very special place, but also shows how Activ8me’s technology can be used to make a difference in harsh environments. For me, this is an integral part of what we have done here.”

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