Where to place Wi-Fi router for best connection

May 10, 2015 10:12 pm

wireless routerYou’ve probably experienced losing your Wi-Fi connection without warning as you are doing something very important online. As it turns out, it is possible to get your Wi-Fi setup wrong, and this can adversely affect your browsing experience.
Recently, a PhD student in physics at Imperial College London named Jason Cole, discovered the best placement for Wi-Fi routers, and it’s not in that inconspicuous corner you’ve had it tucked under ever since you got it.
Here are five tips for optimal Wi-Fi router placement.

  1. Front and centre

A more central spot will ensure Wi-Fi signals travel across and throughout the entire space, or at least as far as it can go. In order to maximise its reach, the Wi-Fi router needs to be placed somewhere nearer to the centre, and not against a corner.

  1. Away from metal, concrete, brick, and the microwave

Electromagnetic energy gets dissipated in the presence of metal; while concrete absorbs radiation, and microwaves disrupt wireless router frequencies. Conclusion? Keep your Wi-Fi router away from these materials and objects.

  1. High and dry

Placing the Wi-Fi router on a high shelf or mounting it up on the wall can help boost its signal. The radio waves coming from the router spread out and down, making a high spot perfect for better dissemination of signal on both the first and second floor.

  1. Up, up, and away

Lay a router the way it’s supposed to go. Vertical routers should be kept upright and not sideways in order for its signal to get a wider reach. For routers with antennas, positioning the antenna upwards helps spread the signal laterally, while pointing it sideways can help bring the signal up to top floors.

  1. Far from the crowd

The human body is comprised of about 60% water. Water hampers Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, placing a Wi-Fi router in a crowded room can interfere with its signal.
Follow these tips so you can get a stronger signal at home, maximise your subscription to NBN broadband plans and minimise wasted time spent on waiting for videos to buffer and pages to load.

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