Notice of Service Discontinuation for Activ8me Uni-V Phone Services

This is a notice of variation of APN’s ‘Standard Form of Agreement’, under clause 14.2.1.

APN would like to notify customers using Uni-V phone services that we will no longer be supplying this product from 14 June 2024.

We have written to affected customers, informing this of this product discontinuation.

We have also waived any Early Termination Fees (ETF) should affected customers wish to cancel their service within contract.

Affected customers have the option to transfer their service over to an Activ8me VoIP phone service, in which case we will waive any charges related to porting of their phone number to the new service. They will need to purchase a VoIP compatible router if their current one is not capable of supporting a VoIP service.

Alternatively, they can port their number to a phone service of their choice with another provider.

Affected customers need to arrange transferring their phone number to a new service before the cut-off date, if they wish to continue using their phone service and keep their phone number(s).