New project bringing Internet of Things to Tasmanian businesses

September 21, 2017 11:33 am

Tech Exec have reported a new project to help change Tasmania reach a new level of connectivity.
TasmaNet and Thinxtra have joined forces to create an Internet of Things (IoT) network utilising the NBN’s rollout through Tasmania. This collaboration is aiming to reach 95% of Tasmania’s population by the end of 2017.
The creation of the IoT infrastructure will enable the wider use of technologies such as smart meters, temperature probes and GPS trackers. These technologies can be used as assets for monitoring, giving Tasmania’s agricultural industry an opportunity to increase in growth and efficiency.
This project has a goal to build 55 communication towers all over the Apple Isle by the end of 2017.
Joel Harris, TasmaNet’s Managing Director, believes this project has the chance to fill a need in Tasmania’s need for progress and technology-led change.

“I cannot understate how big this is for Tasmania – it’s going to be huge,”

Even during low bandwidth connections, IoT technology aims to have better efficiency. It has the ability to send quick, short messages to connected devices, whether it be the temperature of a farm or the location of a certain product.
Network Deployment Director for Thinxtra, Sam Sharief,  said the Sigfox-based network and the Tasmanian environment will work together perfectly

“Our low cost, low power, long range IoT network is perfect for deploying simple solutions to make cities smarter, agriculture more sustainable and industry more cost efficient. It can also be used for better monitoring of the exceptional Tasmanian environment, and provide solutions to reduce bush fires or control the quality of water in lakes and rivers,”

As these two organisations combine efforts and resources with the goal of creating something to make the most of the NBN’s rollout to progress Tasmania.
This infrastructure works through the NBN so devices can be connected to one another and feed information efficiently – this can be used on a large business scale such as in the agricultural industry, but also on a smaller home scale.
It’s possible for your home to make use of the IoT advances, with developments such as heating, security and appliances all connected to your home internet connection.
If you’re interested in getting your home connected to the Internet of Things through the NBN, talk to our wonderful Melbourne based team on 13 22 88, or visit our website and we’ll help you get connected to the perfect plan for your home.

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