NBN Predicts that 2020 is the decade of Connectivity for Everyone

October 17, 2016 9:55 am

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Australia’s next generation will be internet connected like never before.
That is, of course, according to National Broadband Network (nbn™) CEO Bill Morrow, who predicted this will happen by 2020.
According to Delimiter, Morrow predicted that the so-called “nbn™ Generation” will experience connectivity unparalleled before.

 “In the next three years, nbn™ is on track to put Australia ahead of the world for high speed, universal broadband access. How can we leverage this advantage to transform our businesses, economy, communities and lives?”

With this power move by the National Broadband Network, it won’t be long until Australia regains its position as one of the most innovative countries in the world.
Over the past few years, Australia has experiencedan issue with internet speed and stability, especially for those living in rural and remote areas, but now that the nbn™ is pushing up the ante and launched another satellite, it seems the country is about to experience a major step forward.
Echoing these sentiments, Mr. Morrow said that digital technology is changing the world and it’s their aim to “revolutionise” everything. He then proudly declared that, “This is the world of Gen nbn™.”
We’re pretty sure Australians are excited with these announcements by Mr. Morrow as the it was reported that data consumption has doubled in the last two years.
All of these data further cements the nbn™ CEO’s statements that 2020 will be the year of connectivity. With the launch of the second satellite internet, Sky Muster™ II, regional Australia within the near future will also have an internet platform for better connectivity.
The nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite brings better satellite internet connectivity to regional Australia. To get onboard Sky Muster™, call Activ8me today 13 22 88 or visit:

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