nbn™ Lights the Sky to Ignite High-Speed Regional Internet with the SkyMuster

November 10, 2015 2:53 am

Watching the ‘Sky Muster’ nbn satellite being launched via live video into the skies by the Ariane 5rocket, was a watershed moment for the Australian communications industry. The spectacular event, which took place in French Guiana on October 1 heralds a new era in which regional Australia will get the broadband services that it needs and deserves. The new satellite, one of two that will be covering the furthest reaches of Australia, will deliver broadband internet connectivity to 200,000 Australians living in remote areas with installations starting in April 2016.
launch photo
For the team at Activ8me it was particularly satisfying as our business was founded on our capability as satellite experts and we have watched both technology and the dynamic demands of the consumer change and evolve at a startling pace. We understand that satellite, whilst one of the oldest platforms for communication is also one of the most robust and the new nbn satellite technology will be crucial in covering the diverse needs of Australia and its terrain.
The launch itself was flawless with a smooth technical ride for the Ariane 5 rocket that sped into space at 1.6 kilometres per second, faster than a bullet. The new nbn satellite Sky Muster is now in orbit of Australia and all the solar panels and antennas have unfolded as the satellite warms up for full use. There are ten ground stations dotted around Australia, ready to communicate with the satellite and get the first data transmissions underway.  Positioned approximately 36,000 km above Earth, the nbn satellites will each broadcast through 101 spot beams covering all of Australia mainland and its offshore territories such as Lord Howe Island. Users can expect to see download speeds of up to 12 megabits per second, and upload speeds of up to 1 megabit per second (with an increased speed option up to 25/5 mbps for an additional cost).
nbn sat coverage
 Testing times
In the lead up to commercial launch it is essential to get the service levels right so nbn has embarked on a rigorous testing phase. Activ8me is one of three companies that will be testing the performance of the new satellite service, its beam and signal levels, which will be undertaken with some of our existing customers in regional areas. There are 80 Activ8me customers who were selected by nbn to be included in the test phase beam trials and additional 100 or so Activ8me customersin the field trial. These customers are being notified and I’ll keep you updated on the test status and results.
We are delighted to also announce that we will have a fully functional test process underway in our Melbourne HQ in Preston before Christmas which means all our internal staff can commence trialling and testing the new satellite service experience. We will also have access to an additional test facility operational in Brunswick, Victoria.
Once the new nbn satellite service is ready for commercial connections, Activ8me will be able to nominate around 1,000 – 1,200 customers for an upgrade to the new nbn satellite service per month.
Naturally, we will be launching new satellite plans for the new service and we will keep you updated on these once they are finalised. Discussions regarding plan construction requirements are continuing with nbn.
Registration of interest updates on the new NBN satellite
If you haven’t yet registered your interest for updates on the new nbn satellite, you can still do so by clicking here. You don’t have to be an Activ8me customer to register; we are taking registrations from everyone.
If you have problems clicking the link above you can register for updates by:

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