nbn™ Fixed Wireless Internet Speeds Increase for Regional Australians

November 24, 2015 9:08 pm


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nbn™ Fixed Wireless customers are amongst the happiest and most satisfied on the nbn™ network. Regional Australians in nbn™ Fixed Wireless areas are about to get even happier with the launch of faster speeds up to 50 megabits per second download and 20 megabits per second upload launching 1st December 2015.
Activ8me CEO, Tony Bundrock is witnessing increased demand for nbn™ Fixed Wireless in previously underserviced regional areas.
“Areas that have suffered from satellite latency issues and poor ADSL connections now have a robust faster alternative with nbn™ Fixed Wireless solutions. The increase in speeds further closes the digital divide between country and metro areas,” said Tony Bundrock.
“Customers can expect significantly faster access to online content, fast connectivity, multiple devices connected at the same time and unlimited bandwidth packages across these coverage areas,” Tony added.
Residents can connect to the nbn™ for as little as $39.95 per month through Activ8me, as well as unlimited data plans from $59.95.
To access nbn™ Fixed Wireless, a small antenna is installed on the premises to pick up the signal from a fixed wireless tower. The nbn™ Fixed Wireless service operates via radio signals instead of cable infrastructure, soon offering speeds up to 50/20 mbps. A standard installation is at no cost to the resident.
As a resident of the Riverland region of Glossop, South Australia Patricia Amos went to Kalgoorlie for a three month job which turned into 15 years. On returning to Glossop, with a population of 500, she found nbn™ services had been developed  and her old telecommunications service providers had  little knowledge of the new nbn capability.
“I signed up for nbn™ Fixed Wireless and phone (VoIP) in July after attending a local community nbn session held by Activ8me. I am extremely happy with it, and have never experienced any issues,” Patricia Amos said.
“The installation was excellent. There was no mess and the connection was instant. I am thrilled to sit anywhere in the house and be connected wirelessly. I did trial Netflix on a free monthly trial and it worked well,” Patricia Amos said.
“The internet and phone bundle is very cheap. VoIP works fabulously; I’ve only ever had one phone dropout that was fixed instantly. In 1999, when I left the property (returning in 2015) I remember paying $35 just for line rental alone,” added Patricia Amos.
Regional Australian software gaming developer and Activ8me nbn™ Fixed Wireless customer, MAK-Corp, has secured significant new local and international software development contracts since the nbn came to the small Victorian town of Brim, expanding the start-up’s global profile.
MAK-Corp is a specialist in the development of simulation mods, games and private driver training simulations.  Founded by gaming and software developer enthusiast Petros Mak, the company evolved from a passion to an entrepreneurial venture that works with clients from around the world in the video game development industry and the commercial racing industry.
“If nbn™ Fixed Wireless wasn’t available in Brim it wouldn’t have been possible to strike partnership deals or collaborate with other software development companies. Our business demands that we have constant and stable internet with fast speeds and generous bandwidth,” said MAK-Corp founder, Petros Mak.
“I am grateful that Activ8me was so proactive at advising me when Fixed Wireless would be available and later that I would be able to get even faster speeds to further accelerate our productivity,” added Petros Mak.
“We welcome the faster nbn™ Fixed Wireless speeds with open arms. We are committed to helping accelerate and enable the benefits of high speed broadband connectivity for rural and regional  communities and businesses. Fast broadband is critical to the success of regional businesses, education, medical providers and providing the glue that fosters a connected and productive regional community,” Tony Bundrock said.
Regional residents can find out more information on nbn™ Fixed Wireless service areas and plans by contacting Activ8me on 13 22 88 or going to:
Existing Activ8me nbn™ Fixed Wireless customers can phone 1300 760 219 regarding speed upgrades.

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