NBN Fixed Wireless Facts

March 5, 2015 3:29 am

nbn fixed wirelessNBN Co’s fixed wireless network makes use of advanced LTE or 4G technology designed to deliver services to a specified number of premises in each covered area. Compared with mobile wireless, fixed wireless provides greater consistency in terms of bandwidth per household, even during peak hours of usage.
This means that speeds will remain relatively steady in a fixed wireless network regardless of the number of people moving in and out of the area.
The NBN is being designed to bring speeds as fast as 25Mbps downloads and 5Mbps uploads to wholesale customers, phone, as well as Internet providers.
So, how does it work?
NBN Co’s fixed wireless service will make use of cellular technology enabling the transmission of signals to and from small antennas (pointed towards the fixed wireless facility) fixed externally in homes and businesses.
The antenna will then be connected to the NBN connection box inside the home or business by a cable which runs through the wall. Phone and ISPs will be able to provide assistance with regards to the best way to connect computers, TVs, or Wi-Fi routers to the box.
Each of the company’s fixed wireless facilities has been designed to serve a fixed number of premises. This makes the speed and quality of service more consistent for the recipients of the fixed wireless service.  Actual speeds for end users can, however, become affected by factors beyond NBN Co’s control such as equipment condition, software, and service providers.
NBN wireless broadband is already available in some regions. Fixed wireless rollouts continue for other regions as consultations with communities and their respective local authorities are underway.
To get connected, home and business owners need to get in touch with their preferred phone or ISPs (Internet Service Providers). As soon as the service becomes available in the area, residents will be able to order a service.

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