NBN to educate consumers on broadband speeds

June 26, 2017 11:13 am

Since the first announcements about the National Broadband Network were unveiled by the government, speed tiers originally planned with the “pure fibre” nbn™ rollout became a fixed expectation for many.
With changing conditions and the diverse geographic features of the Australian continent, the nbn™ has had to adjust its rollout through a mixed technology approach, introducing technologies such as Fixed Wireless, Satellite Internet, Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) – all with different speed tiers due to restraints of each technology.
Over the last few years, the nbn™ alongside its providers (RSPs) have been transparent about the speed tiers relative to the technology covered in the area’s nbn™ footprint.

“The rollout of the nbn access network is one of the key components behind the biggest transformation to Australia’s telecommunications industry to ever occur – when coupled with the network build of the service providers, it becomes the most significant network upgrade ever seen in such a short period of time and represents a significant change for consumers as they make the move to the new service,”

-John Simon, the nbn™ chief customer officer as stated in CED Magazine.

The nbn™ has invested resources dedicated to passing along information about the network, its speed, and the technology used as coverage for areas in its footprint.
Through it’s website, the company offers the following information to help Australians understand the nature of the nbn™:

  • How the nbn™ network gets to you
  • nbn™ Technology (MTM) What you need to know
  • Your choice of speeds on the nbn™ network

Mr John Simon further added that Australians, the ultimate beneficiaries of the nbn™, must also understand the network and its offered speed tiers:

“Speeds experienced over the nbn network are influenced by a range of factors such as the technology used to deliver the network as well as equipment quality, broadband plans, signal reception and the age of the smart devices being used to connect to the internet,”

If you’re an Activ8me customer with questions about your speed or want to discover the fastest speed you can achieve with the nbn™, you can contact us via Facebook or our support line, 13 22 88.

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