NBN Co targets June 2016 in its new national roll out plan

December 8, 2014 8:56 pm

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By June 2016, another 1.9 million homes and businesses will have access to fast broadband.
Today, it was announced by NBN Co that their new national construction plan involves more than 400 cities, suburbs, and towns all set to get the NBN.
This marks a vital step in the company’s goal of reaching eight million connections to the National Broadband Network by the year 2020. The expansion of the roll out also reflects the company’s new and flexible multi-technology approach.
In it, NBN Co reveals the next 1.9 million homes and businesses that are going to receive access to the network. It also gives an analytical view of the set construction work until its estimated finish date of June 2016. Updates will be given periodically in order to give more details and report ongoing variations made possible by process and technology improvements.
The telecommunications industry, as well as individuals and communities, will all be able to monitor the progress of the construction thanks to the updates.
Bill Morrow, NBN Co’s CEO said the company is committed to providing Australians with fast broadband at the soonest, and with the new multi-technology approach, they are able to do just that.
They have also managed to successfully carry out trials of a range of new technologies, revise their build processes, and renegotiate their partnership agreements over the past year. Because of what they have achieved so far, they are able to calculate and update the public on the next phase of their network build.
Their forecasts make it possible for customers, as well as telephone and internet service providers to begin making plans for the delivery of services over the National Broadband Network to communities.
However, there may still be changes in the forecast, especially if they are longer. According to Mr. Morrow, it can be expected from a project of this magnitude.
By 2020, the goal of the NBN is to make the network available to all Australians, so families and businesses that are missing out now have no cause for concern.
The NBN rollouts continue to push forward, with over 300,000 Australian homes and business already connected and have access to fast NBN broadband.

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