NBN Co Releases Interactive Map

June 10, 2014 3:42 pm


Discovering information about the National Broadband Network’s rollout is now easier than ever, thanks to a new interactive map released on its website.
Difficulty in finding accurate information about the rollout has been one of the biggest complaints aimed at the NBN, so one of Malcom Turnbull’s first acts as Minister for Communications was to ensure that NBN Co published accurate information more often.
The beauty of the map is that it enables you to search for any address in Australia and check its status, and overlaid on a larger map, scroll out and see the status of all areas.
On the map, communities are displayed in the fixed-line (fibre) footprint where ‘build preparation’ is taking place.
They are shaded green, and signify that contractors in built-up (brownfields) areas are preparing for physical construction of the NBN. They may be performing activities such as readying Telstra’s pits and pipes for use by NBN Co.
Maybe also mention that they can see if build has commenced (brown) or if NBN is available in their area (purple)
In the NBN brownfields footprint, ‘Build preparation’ has started for approximately 167,000 homes and businesses. Physical construction has begun for 290,000 brownfield premises, and NBN has already been connected across all technologies to 195,000 premises.
The interactive map can be found at:

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