NBN Seeks Public Initiative on National Medical Alarm Register

June 30, 2016 10:04 pm

NBN National Medical Alarm Register
If you or any of your loved ones are using professionally monitored medical alarms, auto dialers, or emergency call buttons, you need to sign up these vital devices to the Medical Alarm Register of the National Broadband Network (nbn®).
The nbn® is seeking all Aussies with medical alarm devices to register them and urged users to contact their medical alarm providers to check if their devices are compatible before migrating to the nbn® network. This aims at properly identifying households that are using medical alarms where support may be needed and help minimise the effect of any service breakdown when the existing network is switched off.
As reported in ARN, Katarzyna Stapleton, the nbn® Executive General Manager of Migrations said, “It’s important that those using a medical device to register early and begin the process now to help it identify households, which may need assistance during the rollout of the nbn® network.”

“Minimising disruptions to services such as medical alarms during the rollout of the nbn® network is an issue we take extremely seriously. If you are already using the nbn® network and have your medical alarm connected to it, it is a timely reminder to check your alarm compatibility with your medical alarm provider and fully understand the implications of a power outage and consider your options,” Stapleton urged.

Since 2010, the network has been working closely with various medical alarm providers to develop solutions for device compatibility issues, resulting in a number of support initiatives for medical alarm users. This includes the creation of a national register of medical alarm users, letter notification on the nbn® installations in their area, information about medical alarms, and more.
Furthermore, ARN reports that users of professionally monitored medical alarms, which are compliant with the Australian standard may be eligible for migration to a new system that does not rely on a fixed line connection. For more details concerning this, please contact your medical alarm provider.
As the nbn® network will soon be replacing most of the existing landline phone and Internet networks, please make sure your medical alarms are registered with the nbn® before your existing landline phone network is disconnected. To sign up, please visit the  nbn® Medical Alarm Register.
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