National Broadband Network (NBN) nuts and bolts for residents

October 22, 2014 10:17 pm

The National Broadband Network is ready to provide high speed internet connection in Culcairn district, Mangoplah, and to residents at The Rock.

Over 5,500 people have become eligible for the NBN service. The latest rollout added 17 rural and regional communities that can be connected to the NBN network.

Mr. Tony Gibbs, NBN Co spokesperson, emphasised how NBN Co helps to close the gap in regional Australia when it comes to digital life and providing economic opportunities for local communities last 3rd of October.

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“Fast broadband enables residents to access e-health services, distance education, and entertainment on demand, while businesses now have the ability to increase productivity, reduce costs, and access new markets,” Mr. Gibbs said.

The NBN upgrade and mobile phone equipment will be available to Jindera very soon. Jindera is in the black spot in the Greater Hume Shire, Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

Members of the Jindera brigade have much to be concerned about during fire season in the area. Everything is blamed to poor mobile reception which make it more difficult for them to receive alerts.

“Our concern is that despite a tower having been installed in 2011 in the Jindera Village, many members of the Jindera RFS have actually lost the service they previously had, as have others on the periphery of Jindera,” Ms. Osborne, resident of Jindera, said.

“Is an enhancement to the recently installed NBN tower an option to upgrade our service and provide the certainty of coverage we both need and deserve?

“It is certainly worth investigating, and our discussions with Federal Member, Sussan Ley’s office, indicate that there is support to investigate this possibility.”

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