nbn® Envisions More Millennial Opportunities with Australia's Emerging Digital Economy

July 19, 2016 9:45 pm

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With Australia’s rapidly emerging digital economy, there will be more opportunities for millennial professionals, or those who were born from 1980 to 2000 compared to previous generations. This is due mainly to the difference in their career objectives, expectations and motivations, according to Korn Ferry’s Futurestep survey.
The company specialises in recruitment solutions and has recently conducted a study that reveals the changing priorities of today’s young workforce. While the older workforce traditionally expects salary to be the number one factor in choosing for their next employer, Millennials are now placing greater value on understanding what a company stands for and how they can play a role in growing the organisation into a better and stronger brand.
When asked what matters most, the results show 23 percent of respondents answered “Ability to make an impact” while 20 percent opted for “a clear path for advancement.” In contrast, only 13 percent of millennial respondents identified “Income”, as the most important consideration. “Title and Pay” was less of a contributing factor at just 18 percent.
With this shift in career motivation, the Australian work mindset may be up for major changes as the range of millennial professionals grows to cover 50 percent of the workforce in the country by 2020.
This millennial mindset may lead to a change in the kinds of positions that are considered desirable. Here are some awesome jobs that the nbn®  has identified for the latest generation of Australian professionals.

  1. Web Designers

As detailed in the nbn® Future of Work report, there are around two million small businesses in Australia. This growth has generated an increased demand for digital designers to help design, build, and maintain functional websites for small business owners. Professional websites can help small businesses build credibility, as well as market their products and services both locally and globally.Since Millennials have grown up with digital technology, they are perfect candidates for a career in web / digital design.

  1. Software Developers reports that the average age of software developers is currently 28.9 years old, classifying them as Millennials, many of whom created their own apps or websites before they even graduated. They are tech-savvy multi-taskers and most of them have been using computers since elementary or middle school, giving them an advantage in learning and becoming familiar with new forms of technology. This knowledge of technology helps them excel in a variety of jobs, particularly in software and web development roles.

  1. Virtual Reality Engineers

According to Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham, “These days, around 75% of jobs in the fast growing industries demand workers with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills,” he said.
Job opportunities within STEM fields continues to grow. As emerging technologies advance and workplaces begin their transition into the Virtual Reality (VR) platform, the Millennials can find themselves as the ideal demographic for these assignments. Raised in a digital age, their passion for innovation and the ability to embrace new technology can cement millennial suitability for future VR career prospects. VR engineering jobs include: 3D artists, Optical Design Engineers, Virtual Reality Developers, and Multimedia Engineers.

  1. Social Media Managers

According to a recent Sensis Social Media report, 32 percent of Australians use social media to follow brands and businesses, with the majority of these using it to access offers and promotions, as well as conduct their own research about products and services.
Millennials may find themselves to be the perfect demographic for Social Media Managers since this group has been the main driver of the social media revolution. Not only are they important in creating and sustaining the public voice of a company within the community, they can also be an integral part in effectively sourcing both new and experienced employees.
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