Modbury and Valley View Residents Can Now Connect to the NBN

September 19, 2014 4:19 am

Here comes the good news for Modbury and Valley View residents! The first 1,600 homes and businesses in some areas of Modbudry and Valley View can now connect to service over the National Broadband Network and experience the benefits of fast and reliable broadband Internet.


And the countdown begins for Modbury and Valley View local residents and businesses to make the switch and subscribe to NBN landline phone and internet services. They will follow parts of Willunga, which was one of the first communities in Australia to complete the transition to the National Broadband Network, satring from May 2014.

Justin Jarvis, NBN Co spokesperson said that“Homes and businesses in parts of Modbury and Valley View can now take advantage of fast and reliable broadband. The NBN can help deliver improved access to e-health resources, online education, teleworking opportunities and entertainment on demand.”

“It’s important for residents and businesses to know the move to the NBN is not automatic. We encourage them to contact their preferred phone company and internet service provider to connect their home or business phone and internet services over to the NBN,” Jarvis added.

In line with this, Adelaide Tech Guy, Richard Pascoe also cleared some points:

 “This is a momentous moment for Modbury. With the activation of the first NBN services in northern Adelaide, we have achieved world class status in terms of our broadband infrastructure”.

“Fast broadband will open up opportunities for our community and businesses, not just for now, but many years into the future. The NBN presents exciting opportunities for businesses to find new ways to increase productivity, reduce costs and expand markets through new ways of working”.

Pat Trainor (City of Tea Tree Gully Mayor) is also thrilled to hear the good news.

 “We welcome the arrival of improved broadband in parts of Modbury and Valley View. The NBN is a vital piece of infrastructure, providing enhanced connectivity for residents and businesses alike”.

“We are committed to developing initiatives and programs that will leverage the benefits of broadband”.

The National Broadband Network in South Australia still continues with over 8,000 home and business owners already connected to the network. The NBN has doubled its efforts for better preparation works and construction activities to bring to a further 50,000 homes and business across the state.

To find out if you’re eligible to connect to the NBN, you may visit for more information.

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