Local areas to get new fixed wireless towers

October 28, 2014 9:43 pm

Consultations are now in progress to begin construction of new fixed wireless towers in Heyfield, Nambrok, Cowwarr, and Coongulla. Residents of these areas are on the road towards getting a high-speed Internet connection.

wireless rollout

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NBN Co is set to begin consultations with local councils and communities across Wellington and East Gippsand to discuss the construction of fixed wireless towers,  Gippsland Member of the House of Representatives Darren Chester said.

Proposed locations in East Gippland include Bairnsdale, Lindenow, and Lindenow South.

With the advanced 4G technology of the fixed wireless network, local residents will be getting connection speeds of up to 25 megabits per second – faster than ADSL network speeds in some major cities.

“This listing of 27 towns in Wellington and East Gippsland is another step forward in the NBN rollout and I look forward to seeing more towers going up so residents can access high-speed internet,” Mr Chester said.

Furthermore, Mr. Chester said the government is interested in speeding up the roll outs since Internet access is critical to creating and making more jobs available to people living in remote towns that currently do not have affordable and stable web access.

The new fixed wireless network, upon completion, would have such impressive Internet speeds that it would allow high-def videos to be streamed at one given time, and would provide users with access to distance education and e-Health services.

He said the NBN service will be provided to residents in remote areas through the federal government’s efforts of commissioning two new satellites set for launching next year.

The NBN Fixed Wireless service is now available to order by residents of about 5,300 premises in the Gippsland electorate, the honourable representative said.

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