Why landline is still important for your business (NBN Phone Lines)

June 7, 2015 9:33 pm

Many people consider landline services to be an unnecessary utility these days. After all,smartphones are here and anyone who has it carries it around with him wherever he goes. This leaves many with the question of why they would need another number where people can only reach them in one place when they can just as easily give a mobile one that is reachable anytime, anywhere.
These may be valid arguments, but we’ve got quite a number of good reasons too as to why businesses of all shapes and sizes would do well to retain their own landline contact numbers.
Here’s a list of why businesses need a landline number.

  1. It doubles as a branding tool.

When it comes to getting a business landline number, you have an opportunity to get creative, either by combining a set of numbers that’s catchy and easy to remember, or by spelling out a word that’s related to the business. People these days do not bother memorising mobile numbers, but if, for example, your automotive business has a landline number with the last 4 digits spelling out the word CARS, customers are more likely to remember, helping your business stand out.

  1. It helps build trust among consumers.

Consumers see greater stability and professionalism in companies that have their own landline contact numbers. Cellphone numbers are perceived to have more of a personal rather than a business purpose, which is why consumers find businesses with landline numbers more trustworthy compared with those that only have cellphone contact numbers. Having your own landline number for your business presents a better brand image and a more legitimate appeal.

  1. It is shareable.

A landline number is much easier to share than a cellphone number. That means investing in a landline phone for business, even if it’s just one, helps your entire team have a common number to use and share when they are at work. Meanwhile, multiple landline numbers make it possible for businesses to assign different numbers for different departments, with call transferring and redirecting features switched on, of course.
Landline phones are an inexpensive means to presenting your business as a more professional and credible organisation. It is also a great way to make it more convenient for customers to get in touch with you and to place their trust in your brand. Now, with the availability of NBN phone lines, the choices are limitless. You have the power to set your business apart and to start building a more credible and customer-centric

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