Internet usage still climbing in Australia

September 2, 2014 1:06 pm

More and more Australians are embracing the internet as a part of everyday life and the hourly usage is still climbing with a growing intensity, according to a survey recently conducted by ACMA. 6788 respondents confirmed that they are connected to the internet through mobile service in which it also has revealed that streaming has overtaken downloading.

Taking a look at the study made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, 46% percent of mobile internet users are streaming content and is the much preferred access compared to downloading content.

Internet usage has also spiked in regional Australia due to the ongoing expansion of mobile internet services and it is significantly closing the gap between suburban and rural areas. Despite the reported mobile internet blackspots as reported by the government, it has not stopped service providers to continue expanding their coverage.


Other interesting facts from the ACMA study on how Australians are getting more intense and frequent with internet activities:

60% of adult internet users in communities with less than 1000 people undertook five or more separate activities online during December 2013 compared to around 30% during December 2009.

  • Between 80% and 91% of mobile phone internet users also had a home internet connection.
  • 14.9 million Australians are using a cloud service in the six months to May 2014, up six per cent since May 2013.
  • The percentage of Australians who have never used the internet fell nationally from 18% to 13%.
  • Proportionally fewer Australians undertake purchasing and bill payment activities online via mobile phones than via desktop computers and laptops. 

It can be remarked that the internet, once considered as an option back in the 90’s is now an essential for the young adults in suburban areas. The nationwide NBN initiative has made it possible for households to enjoy NBN High Speed Internet Plans and on the go mobile internet subscription. Projected to further grow in Australia is mobile commerce or transactions made with the mobile phone for shopping and services.

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