Internet of Things Enhancing Bluetooth Performance in 2016

December 16, 2015 11:43 pm

The increasing popularity and development of the Internet of Things is going to give one of today’s most widely used technologies a huge boost in 2016.
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced in November that Bluetooth technology will undergo several enhancements in 2016, including an increase in functionality.
Chairman of the Bluetooth SIG board of directors Toby Nixon said there has been significant demand from members and the industry for the enhancement of Bluetooth with new capabilities.
Currently, projections have put IoT’s market potential somewhere between $2 and $11.1 trillion by 2025. All the technical updates for Bluetooth technology planned for execution in 2016 will help Speed up growth in IoT and make all the current expectations a reality.
Here are some of the technical updates set for next year:

  • Up to 4x increase in range of the current capability of Bluetooth Smart
  • 100% increase in speed of Bluetooth minus the increase in energy consumption
  • Mesh networking

The awesome thing about all this is, since Bluetooth has become a basic feature in so many of our most widely used devices, we will all benefit in some way from these updates – even if not all of us have connected homes.
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