Internet Services: Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

November 11, 2013 8:14 pm

Internet services

As if the kind of internet connection that we have today is not enough to keep us satisfied with our many online activities, predictions for internet services in 2020 are actually pointing us to an even better future. Today where advancements in internet infrastructures are being spewed like wildfire and for countries where governments are now taking over the general network that will benefit its constituents, a bright future for the internet is definitely not far behind.
More people online
A prediction for internet services in 2020 is that more people will be logged on to the internet. According to Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, once we fast forward to 7 years, everyone living on earth will be virtually connected with one another. There is a very high chance that this prediction is reliable since by 2015, NBN infrastructures will be complete. Once NBN is available 100% in all Australian territories, urban and rural households and offices will be connected locally and globally through fibre or satellite internet.
Wireless connectivity and mobility
Also by 2020, there is the prediction that an internet connection will not be coming from just host computers, but from a variety of internet sensors. Aside from having a local connection fed mostly through a computer or a laptop, internet connectivity can be experienced wirelessly, from a mobile phone or a computer tablet. Mobile connectivity will definitely be the face of the internet by then.
However, if you look closely, internet sensors are already in abundance today. Maybe in 2020, there will be a complete diversion from host computers to the mentioned internet sensors and more. Ultimately, for as long as we have great minds running the very powerful IT industry, we can expect a lot of new and exciting technologies that will improve the way we connect with the world by 2020.
More activities in the cloud
Cloud computing may be used today, but not as popular and wide as it is predicted to be by 2020. By then, internet connections will be faster and more fluid than ever. Predictably and inevitably, more secure cloud computing infrastructures will be made available to interested parties by then. When cloud computing is paired with better internet connections, businesses and individuals can significantly cut back on the cost of physical storage solutions such as flash drives and climate-controlled storage rooms.
Better quality of life
With internet services having a wider reach by 2020, basic human services such as education and health can reach those even in the regional areas. Once NBN infrastructures are complete, improved satellite internet can facilitate the distribution of education and health services through alternate routes such as e-schools and telemarketing. Just as improvements in internet services can improve the way we connect locally and with the rest of the world, it can also enhance the delivery of needs that are basic to one’s growth and development.
Hopefully a better world
Continuous improvements in internet infrastructures are not always geared for the better. Although the many good intentions of the internet resonate in so many ways, once we rely on it for a lot of our productivity requirements, we can also run into a handful of security risks. Once internet services get better, hackers will definitely be around to join the ride. They are definitely not going anywhere, and once we rely on the internet for cloud storage, for instance, our security and need for information guardianship becomes critical.
Predictions are practical indicators that not only give us a picture of what the world could be. It tells us what our preparations should be about the risks that we are inevitably subjecting ourselves to.


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