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At Activ8me Corporate, we understand that providing an effective satellite broadband service involves more than just supplying equipment and connections.


In many cases it requires considerable professional and technical expertise – knowledge that ensures the service is costed, specified, installed and managed effectively and with minimal demands on your own resources.


To achieve this, we offer a range of professional services drawn from our own internal experts and a pool of trained and knowledgeable external experts.


Project Management


Activ8me Corporate will be responsible for the co-ordination of all installations. Depending on the installation size and complexity, a project manager or project co-coordinator will be appointed as the primary contact to manage all installation related activities. Typically, the provisioning of a Service takes 2 – 4 weeks.


Activ8me Corporate has contracted installers nationally to perform installations.


Each installation will be divided into three phases:



Each phase will have a defined control gate (Go / No-Go gate), which must be met before Project Implementation proceeds to the next phase.