How Reliable Can the NBN Satellite Broadband Be?

December 31, 2013 9:01 pm

satellite broadband

Before the NBN satellite internet, there was dial-up and cable internet that allowed people in the rural outskirts to connect to the World Wide Web. These pre-satellite internet connections were limited since ISP infrastructures were not modernised nor enough to accommodate everyone living in the outskirts. And more often than not, the quality of the service was poor. There were too many inconveniences felt and limitations to deal with.
How reliable can the NBN satellite internet be? Why should people in rural Australia make the switch to this from any of their current connections?
Since satellite infrastructures will be more encompassing, it can accommodate a generally greater number of people. This in itself makes it a reliable internet medium to subscribe to. Eligibility is more inclusive. People and communities that are eligible for the satellite service by the NBN includes not only rural residents and rural small businesses, but also indigenous community organisations, non-for-profit organisations, schools, hospitals and local government units.
With a satellite internet, there are more activities that can be done. People can log to a more stable internet to check their emails, chat, surf the web and check their social network accounts. Although there is a challenge to play online games or use voice over internet protocol given the high latency and delays, it is quite forgivable since you can do more with satellite broadband than dial-up or cable internet.
In times of disasters or calamities, a satellite connection is reliable. When phones, communication towers and infrastructures are down, the only alternate way to connect to the web to access the news and other relevant information is via satellite internet. Provided that there is a clear view of the sky and there are no obstructions to affect the connection of the device on the ground to a satellite in space, there won’t be a problem to communicate even in the face of a catastrophe.
Aside from satellite internet being reliable during a natural adversity, it is also dependable when covering the news. And again, in such events when a calamity strikes, the news becomes important in so many ways. The news is a source of critical information and comfort that relatives, friends and relief operations personnel can use to their advantage.
What about you? What are the other ways a satellite broadband can be reliable? Share it with us!


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