Hindmarsh Shire Council has approved to build the NBN tower

October 23, 2014 9:54 pm

Rainbow and Jeparit will enjoy the NBN service once the NBN tower is built on Horsham Road after the Hindmarsh Shire Council approved the development application by NBN Co for a new communication repeater tower.

The proposed wireless broadband service in Rainbow and Jeparit will boost the connection despite the location of Dimboola.

Douglas Gowans, the Council’s Infrastructure Services Director, mentioned that it would act as a repeater for other towers that would be installed in Dimboola. The tower will be 55 metres high and will be in a 120 square metre fenced area.

He also mentioned that the primary purpose of the tower is to service Rainbow and Jeparit, but Dimboola would also receive some benefit from the tower.

nbn towerImage from AU Yahoo News

The tower that will be installed in Rainbow was approved by the council to provide wireless broadband and they also expect another development application for Jeparit but no suitable location has been determined.

The view of nearby residents was taken into consideration when looking at the planning of Dimboola Tower, Mr Gowans said.

“The planning officer has assessed the application and looked at it in terms of whether it will have any impact on any existing residents and the nearest resident is 300 metres away,” Hindmarsh Shire Mayor Rob Gersch said.

“We approved the planning permit, we see it as an advantage to our area and the communities of Rainbow and Jeparit,” he said.

“It just provides better communications, and for NBNCo to invest that sort of money there is very good.”

“I believe there is a follow-up at a later stage with further developments to improve Dimboola and the surrounding area.”

Mr Gowans was satisfied that the plan would not adversely affect its residents so he highly recommended that the council should approve NBNCo’s application.

Tony Doyle, Council Chief Executive, was happy and excited to see the infrastructure that will supply broadband internet in the area.

The NBN wireless network would provide them with a connection of up to 25 megabits per second, Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad said.

Since the Federal election last year, about 130,000 homes have been enjoying the NBN network across Australia. It’s nice to hear that the Federal Government has continued the roll out that was started by the Rudd Government, he said.

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