GrowLab launch Agricultural Technology pioneer program

August 31, 2017 4:28 pm

The development of Agricultural Technology (AgTech) in Australia depends largely on innovative groups and tech providers who keep creating specialised solutions to make easier the lives and jobs of those working in the industry.
The GrowLab program, headed by Cicada Innovations and the MLA Donor Company, aims to nurture and support AgTech startups, using the program to take products to market.
Australia’s current AgTech market is valued at $100 billion according to, and appears set to continue growing as more innovation makes it’s way into the world. With the continued rollout of the nbn, more people in the industry are now able to use AgTech developments in their own businesses.
In their upcoming pilot program, GrowLab aims to focus on nurturing applied programs such as automation, remote sensor monitoring, food bio-tech and data visualisation. These technologies will be most helpful on farms and properties in Australia using the Sky Muster satellite services to expand and optimise their businesses.
GrowLab works with a ‘deep technology’ approach, offering a comprehensive and immersive training program to allow potential innovators to work on current Agtech sciences and branch out on their own. This approach uses a development program focused on milestones, letting them routinely evaluate progress of platforms being developed.
GrowLab aims beyond mobile applications, focusing on engineering, programming, and development of platforms, including specialty hardware housing specialty software. 
Petra Andrén, CEO of Cicada Innovations, is upbeat about the GrowLab’s potential to nurture Agtech innovators and tap into a market of possibility.

“The opportunities in agricultural technology are absolutely huge in Australia at the moment, and are expected to contribute over $189B between 2013 and 2022,” Andrén, quoted by Ant Hill Online.

Individuals or groups joining the program will be able to work with experts already immersed with Agtech.

“We have a great deal of talented researchers and scientists already working in these sectors who are finding solutions. Through GrowLab we can assist in taking their research or discovery to the next level,” said Ms Andrén.

With the GrowLab program, participants will be able to experience applications of Agtech based on real conditions around the farm. GrowLab is set to start this month, and participants will be undergoing a day’s worth of training per week until November.
The program will not only let participants immerse themselves with Agtech, but also a thorough business development program for upcoming platforms. This education helpsl arm budding innovators with the full knowledge of business models and how to establish an Agtech startup company.
Armed with technical knowledge and business development, the participants of GrowLab will present their finished products in a public showcase designed to generate investment opportunities.
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