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November 27, 2023 1:58 pm

Eligible Areas Can Now Access Faster Speeds & Better Performance with Fibre to the Premise!

The National Broadband Network (nbn®) has announced more eligible areas that can now access an upgrade from Fibre to the Node (FttN) to Fibre to the Premise (FttP), with no standard installation costs. This upgrade will provide households and businesses with faster internet speeds and improved reliability.

For customers in eligible locations, Activ8me can coordinate this upgrade on your behalf. You don’t have to be an existing Activ8me customer for us to arrange the FTTP upgrade for you.

You can view our Terms & Conditions for FTTP upgrades here.

If you’re searching for ‘am I eligible for a free fibre upgrade?’ or how to get nbn® FTTP installed at your address, contact us on 132288 to see if you’re in an eligible area, and if not, when your address will be able to take up this technology upgrade.

FttP technology uses fibre optic cables, which are more reliable than copper wires used in FttN or FttC connections. This means that users can enjoy higher download and upload speeds, as well as better latency and stability. The upgrade will also allow households and businesses to take advantage of more services at once, such as video streaming, online gaming, teleconferencing, etc.

This upgrade is part of nbn’s commitment to providing Australians with fast and reliable internet access. It is expected that this move will help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas by providing them with access to high-speed internet services at an affordable cost.

Understanding the Benefits of nbn Fibre to the Premise Upgrades and How to Get Started

nbn® is currently working to upgrade Fibre to the Node connections to Fibre to the Premise, offering free upgrades and standard installation.

By taking up this offer to upgrade to your existing nbn connection, you’ll be able to access faster speed tiers and more reliable internet, as well as better streaming and online gaming experiences. If your household internet connection is being used by many people in the household at once, it’s a great way to make sure you have the best possible connection and speed for your needs.

Consider an nbn® Fibre Upgrade if you want a fast and reliable connection for your home or business.

Great for 4K/8K video streaming & Online Gaming

Are you looking to upgrade your nbn connection for faster video streaming and better video quality? Perhaps you need faster speeds for online gaming? If so, upgrading your technology to FTTP is a great choice. Removing the copper cabling from your connection allows you to connect to the internet on faster speed tiers, including ones with 100mbps download speeds and above.

What’s the Process for an FTTP Upgrade?

Once Activ8me determines you’re in an eligible location, the following process applies for a new FTTP service to be installed and connected:

  • Sign up on an eligible plan: Choose an eligible plan with Activ8me, depending on the current technology available at your address.
    • For FTTN addresses, you need to sign up to a plan with at least 100mbps download (Our Premium – 100/20 or Hypersonic – 100/40 plan).
  • Appointment Booking: Activ8me will book a time for an nbn® technician to come and install your new FTTP connection. Depending on your home and the amount of work required to install the new service, you may also require a pre-installation visit. nbn® will contact you to let you know if you’ll require a pre-installation visit, and also if you need to be home for this visit. (Sometimes all they need to do is assess what needs to be done from the street, and will not require access to your property)
  • Pre-installation Visit (in certain cases): nbn® may arrange for an nbn® technician to assess the outside of your premises. If the pre-installation visit determines that extra infrastructure (e.g. trenching and conduit) is required to complete the installation, you will be advised of any additional costs that you are responsible for paying in order to proceed.
  • Installation Appointment: Activ8me will arrange for an nbn® technician to install the nbn® equipment inside and outside your premises. You, or an authorised person over the age of 18, will need to be present during the installation to give the technician both internal and external access to your premises.
  • Once your service upgrade is complete, you will connect to the new nbn® Fibre connection box by using an ethernet cable and a compatible router (The router used on your FttN service will be compatible with your new service).

How Do I Get a Free Fibre Upgrade?

Simply call Activ8me on 132288 and our team of internet experts can see if your address is eligible. If so, all you need to do is sign up on an eligible plan and we’ll coordinate an nbn® approved installer appointment at your address to conduct the installation, and nbn® may be in contact to arrange a pre-installation visit, if they determine they need to assess what needs to be done to complete the installation successfully.

Once your new FTTP service is installed and activated, we’ll cancel your existing FTTN service with us. If you have an internet service with another provider, you are required to contact them and cancel your service, to ensure you don’t keep getting charged.

What Plans are available with the Fibre FTTP Upgrade?

For FTTN services, the minimum requirements for your new service in order to take up the upgrade to FTTP are as follows:

  • The ordered FTTP service must have a maximum off-peak download speed of 100mbps or higher.
  • You must not downgrade to a speed tier below 100mbps for at least 12 months.

This means our minimum speed eligible for an FTTN to FTTP upgrade is the Premium (nbn® 100/20 Speed Tier*), while you can also take up the Premium Plus (Hypersonic nbn® 100/40 Speed Tier*).

*’nbn® Speed Tiers’ refer to the maximum possible speed of the relevant plan outside evening peak hours. You will typically experience slower speeds in practice, including during evening busy periods. Typical Evening Speeds are measured between 7pm – 11pm and are regularly updated. The latest Typical Evening Speeds can be found on our nbn Fibre product page. Actual speeds may be slower and vary due to a range of factors. For more information, refer to the nbn Key Facts Sheet which can also be found on the nbn Fibre product page.


Looking for More Information?

Speak with our Aussie based Sales team on 13 22 88 to find out more about how to upgrade your FTTN connection to Full Fibre to the Premise.

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