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What is VDSL?

Very high bit-rate Digital Line Subscriber, or VDSL, is next generation technology that provides data transmission over standard copper telephone lines. Acting as the final stretch of cable into a home or an office, VDSL connects to a fibre network up to this point. This type of design gives end users access to the maximum available bandwidth on the network through standard telephone lines.

So How Fast Is VDSL?

  • Our Hypersonic up to 100/40Mbps flies through even the biggest downloads, you can download:
  • A Full music Album (60MB) in around 20 seconds
  • A TV Show (350MB) in around 1 minute
  • A Movie (1GB) in around 2 minutes
  • A High Definition Movie (4GB) in around 10 minutes

 The simulation below shows approximately how fast you can download a full music album,  TV show, movie and a high definition movie on our Hypersonic 100/40Mbps speed tier. Click the icon below to simulate.

Full Music Album
TV Show
High Definition Movie