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What is NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Fixed wireless broadband is similar to a fixed-line broadband service. The key difference is that it is delivered through the air instead of through an optic fibre cable.

The National Broadband Network Fixed Wireless services are delivered   by radio communications via antennas that transmit a signal directly to a small outdoor antenna installed on the home. The antenna is connected by a cable running through the wall to the Network Termination Device (NTD) which will be located within the home. The NTD sits within the house, and is hardwired to the outdoor antenna pointed at a fixed wireless tower.

Approximately four per cent of Australian premises will have access to a fixed wireless service, predominantly located in outer metropolitan areas.


What are the Advantages of Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Unlike a mobile wireless service where speeds can be affected by the number of people moving into and out of the area, the speed available in a fixed wireless network is designed to remain relatively steady. NBN’s fixed wireless network, which uses advanced technology commonly referred to as LTE or 4G, is engineered to deliver services to a fixed number of premises within each coverage area. This means that the bandwidth per household is designed to be more consistent than mobile wireless, even in peak times of use.

NBN Co’s fixed wireless network is designed to offer speeds of up to 25Mbps. This is comparable, and in most cases double the average speed of ADSL2+ connections in many urban areas.

Connecting to the NBN

How Do I Connect To NBN Fixed Wireless?

To get connected to NBN Fixed Wireless, your premises must be in an area where the NBN rollout has been rolled out. To see if your premises is in an eligible area please view our NBN Rollout Map or call 13 22 88 and speak to one of our NBN specialists.

Please Note: Activ8me do not service all areas of Australia and may not be able to get you connected even if you live in an active NBN area.  

How Do I Switch To Activ8me?

If you are already connected to an NBN service and wish to transfer to Activ8me you can do so by calling 13 22 88 to see if Activ8me can service your area. If we can provide a Fixed Wireless connection to your premises we will endeavor to get you connected ASAP. Your previous providers connection will still be active and you will have to cancel your service with them.

Please Note: Activ8me are not responsible for any cancellation or early termination fees incurred from your previous provider. 

I'm Moving House

If you are moving house, you can reconnect with Activ8me at your new location if we are able to offer you a service. NBN is not available in all areas and the roll out of the NBN network will take some time. If we cannot connect you to a Fixed Wireless service at your new premises we can do a check to see if there are other broadband services available to you. If we cannot connect you with another service at your new premises you will have to cancel your Activ8me connection and pay any cancellation fee's that may apply.  


Your Activ8me Wireless Router is already pre-configured and ready for you to use. You DO NOT need to run the setup CD included with the router.

Your wireless router password is set to a default password; you must change your password to protect your wireless network and internet connection. You can follow the below steps to change your wireless router password.

wireless router set up

Step 1: Connect the Ethernet cable from the Modem’s LAN port to the WAN (Blue) port on the TP Link router.

Step 2:Connect your computer to any port labelled 1-4 on the Router with an Ethernet cable.

The router can be configured manually by accessing the Router through an internet browser. To setup router manually, follow the below steps:

- Open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox

- Enter (alternatively enter in the address bar and enter the below login details

User Name: admin   

Password: admin

Step 3: The router configuration setup screen will appear. To change Wireless Security Password click on “Wireless” on the left hand menu and then “Wireless Security” in the sub menu. Select ‘WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended)’ and enter the desired password.

- Click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to save your new password.  All your other wireless router settings are already pre-configured.


Wireless Security

Download PDF version of Activ8me wireless router setup

Can I bring my own router?

If you're planning to use your existing router it will require a WAN port. If you are not sure if your router is compatible with your new Activ8me NBN service you can send an email with the make, model and your contact details to and our support staff will advise if it's compatible with NBN service.

Some routers are configured with custom settings, configuration and passwords so you'll need to keep this information handy at the time of installation of new service.

Our support staff can provide some guidance however you may have to contact the router manufacturer or your local technician to assist with your setup if our support team cannot help. To avoid the potential headache of setting up and to get the most out of your connection we would strongly advise that you purchase a recommended Activ8me router. 

What equipment is required?

An Outdoor Unit and an indoor Network Terminating Device are required to receive a fixed wireless signal. This is provided by NBN Co. The Outdoor Unit is fixed to the outside of your property to receive the signal from the base station and a Network Termination Device is required inside the premises.  

I want my satellite dish removed. Will an installer remove it for me?

NBN Co have taken the approach that customers will have to have their satellite dishes removed using their own resources. You can ask the technician on the day if they can remove it for you while they are installing your fixed wireless equipment but they are not obligated to and may charge you for this.  

Billing & Charges

How am I billed?

Fixed Wireless is billed in advance at the start of the billing month. You will only ever be charged for your monthly plan and data blocks (if you purchase any) as we do not charge excess usage on our plans as they are shaped.

How do I nominate an authorised account representative?

To add a nominated representative to an account the account holder must call support or accounts on 1300 760 219 and request to add an authorised representative to the account. This will allow the authorised representative to speak to the accounts and support department in future without requiring confirmation from the account holder. Alternatively a signed letter can be sent by the account holder nominating an authorised representative via fax or post.

How much does it cost to connect NBN Fixed Wireless?

It is free to connect a NBN Fixed Wireless service (on standard installs). You will not get charged any connection or set up fees, only for your monthly plan by Activ8me.

Please note: To connect to a NBN plan you must be in an activated NBN service area. Additional charges apply for non-standard installs.

What payment options do you offer?

Activ8me currently offers two bill payment methods:

1. Direct Debit to a Bank Account
2. Direct Debit to a Credit Card (Amex, MasterCard and Visa). A 1% Merchant Fee is charged on Visa and Mastercard transactions. 
Monthly tax invoices for all payments direct debited are available under ‘My Account’.

Please note: Any additional fees due to bank dishonour or late payment fee(s) will be charged automatically to your bank account.


General Info

What is the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

The National Broadband Network is a Federal Government Initiative to provide all Australians with access to a high speed broadband connection. The NBN aims to cover 93% of all premises with access to a fibre connection and the remaining 7% of Australian premises to have access to fixed wireless and satellite technologies.

What is NBN Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless is a broadband service delivered through the air instead of through cables. It provides a broadband connection over the air from a radio network base station to an a Outdoor Unit which is typically attached to the outside of the premises (e.g. on your roof). This Outdoor Unit feeds the signal into your premises via a cable that connects to a Network Termination Device (NTD)which you then connect to your computer or wireless router.

Please note: this is a fixed wireless service. If you would like to have a wireless network around your house you will need to connect a wireless router to your modem.


Who is responsible for equipment and maintenance?

NBN Co will maintain the NBN Co equipment. NBN will send out a technician to repair or replace faulty equipment on the premises. All equipment remains the property of NBN Co.

Please note: You may incur charges if you have caused damage to the NBN equipment at your premise.

When will NBN Fixed Wireless be available in my area?

The NBN fixed wireless roll out is taking place over a number of years. There are active areas currently around the country and more towns and suburbs becoming active every month. A list of active locations and more information can be found on our NBN Rollout Map

My neighbour can receive Fixed Wireless, why can't I?

The NBN has installed towers in locations around the area that will distribute the wireless signal as far and wide as possible. The towers signals can only reach a certain point while maintaining acceptable speeds and signal strength. The towers need a clear line of sight to the Outdoor Unit fixed to the premises, and factors such as trees or buildings blocking your line of sight to the tower can stop the signal from reaching your premises.

Why can't I get 100Mbps like NBN Fibre?

Fibre and fixed wireless are two very different technologies. They are both next generation broadband however they use different forms of connections. Fixed wireless sends and receives data signals through the air while fibre use optical fibre cables to send receive data. Because fibre uses a physical line to the property and the cables have a much larger bandwidth than wireless towers, fibre is able to achieve significantly higher speeds than wireless. 

Plan & Contract Information

Is there a contract term?

We offer 0 and 12 month contract terms. The 12 month contract term incurs an early contract termination fee. For full details, please see our Critical Information Summary.

Please note: Upon cancellation you will be required to pay your full monthly fee (a rebate for your monthly fee that is paid in advance will not be given), so it is advisable to ask our support operators if the cancellation date can be scheduled towards the end of your billing month.

Can I suspend my service?

No you cannot suspend your service, however if you are on a no contract term you can cancel your service and then reconnect in the future.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change you plan once a month free of charge. Your plan change will take effect from the next monthly billing cycle. You can easily make plan changes via ‘My Account’ on the Activ8me website. 

What Spend Management tools do you offer?

Activ8me offer shaped broadband plans to restrict the price a customer pays each month. A shaped plan does not charge excess usage if you use more data than your plan permits. A shaped plan will slow the speed of the connection once the monthly data limit has been exceed. On a shaped plan you will always receive a flat monthly plan fee. All NBN plans are shaped.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your speed once a month. Your speed upgrade will take effect from the start of the next month billing cycle. The speed upgrade/downgrade cost will be added/subtracted from your current monthly plan fee.

How can I sign up for NBN Fixed Wireless?

You can sign up to Activ8me Fixed Wireless by calling our sales staff on 13 22 88 or online.

What speeds can I expect to get with a NBN Fixed Wireless connection?

Fixed wireless offer speeds of up to 25Mbps download and 5Mbps Upload.

What plans are available?

A full list of plans can be found in the Fixed Wireless section of the Activ8me website.

Can I manage my account online?

We provide 24/7 online access to your detailed account information so that you can easily monitor your monthly tax invoices and check usage. Simply login to ‘My Account’ with your customer number and password.

Do you have a VoIP service?

Yes. Activ8me do have a VoIP service called Activ8me Internet Phone. More information about Activ8me Internet Phone can be found on our Internet Phone page.

What is VoIP?

Activ8me VoIP is a phone service that allows you to make cheap local, national and international calls over the internet through a broadband service. You still use your telephone the same as before, but instead of plugging your phone into the socket on your wall, you plug it into the back of a special VoIP ATA box and into your modem.

Note: If you have a VoIP compatible handset and your broadband modem is VoIP enabled you will only need to plug the handset directly into your modem (a VoIP ATA box is not required).