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What Is IPSTAR Satellite Broadband?

IPSTAR is a satellite service provided by Activ8me in rural and regional areas across Australia that not capable of receiving a broadband service such as ADSL or 3G Mobile Broadband. Under the Australian Government's previous broadband program the Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG), IPSTAR dishes were installed to those not able to receive one of the above broadband technologies.

Customers connected with the ABG program or installed before June 30, 2011 can find all relevant information concerning IPSTAR under this section.



Contract & Billing Information

Do I have to sign up on a contract?

When signing up with Activ8me we offer short term contracts. Early contract termination fees apply. Please refer to your application form for specific details on your contract term, early termination fee and chosen plan.   

How do I nominate an authorised account representative?

To add a nominated representative to an account the account holder must call support or accounts on 1300 760 219 and request to add an authorised representative to the account. This will allow the authorised representative to speak to the accounts and support department in future without requiring confirmation from the account holder. Alternatively a signed letter can be sent by the account holder nominating an authorised representative via fax or post. 

Can I suspend my account?

For existing ABG customers: Activ8me now offers customers the ability to suspend their Satellite Broadband and Activ8me Voice services when required. The suspension will become effective from next month’s billing cycle as long as you have no outstanding payments. Please phone Activ8me for details.  

What happens if I want to cancel my service?

If you signed up on 'no contract' or have completed your contract term, you can cancel anytime without fees, provided you give 30 days’ written notice. Cancellation takes effect from your next month’s bill, so you will need to pay any outstanding amounts owing for the current month. If you are still within a contract term the early termination fee stated on your application form will apply.
For existing ABG customers please be aware that if you decide to transfer to another provider your free warranty becomes void with Activ8me and might not be picked up by the new provider.  


Plan & Usage Information

What type of plans do you have?

We offer shaped plans and excess plans.

Shaped Plans: If you reach your monthly usage quota, your service will be slowed (to 64kbps) so all you pay is the flat monthly fee – no other costs to worry about.

Excess Plans: If you go over your montly quota you will be charged $0.05 per mb of excess usage.  

What Spend Management tools do you offer?

Activ8me offer shaped broadband plans to restrict the price a customer pays each month. A shaped plan does not charge excess usage if you use more data than your plan permits. A shaped plan will slow the speed of the connection once the monthly data limit has been exceed. On a shaped plan you will always receive a flat monthly plan fee.

To select a shaped plan see 'Can I Change My Plan" FAQ below for instructions on how to change your plan. If you are currently on an excess plan we offer a usage meter that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. This allows you to keep track of your current usage. Please note that the usage meter updates every hour. 

Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan monthly. You can easily make plan changes via “My Account” on the Activ8me website. The change takes effect from your next monthly billing cycle.  

Do you offer free email accounts?

We provide up to 5 free email accounts. Free email accounts can be set-up when you sign-up or afterwards by contacting the Activ8me Customer Care Centre.  

Is download speed important?

Whatever anyone says, speed DOES matter in broadband. Having a fast connection greatly improves the experience and enjoyment of the internet. And it saves you from sitting waiting for downloads and heavily fragmented video – why pay for broadband that makes you wait more than necessary?  

What is My Account?

Once connected, we provide you with online access to your account information so you can easily:Submit plan change requestsMonitor your monthly tax invoicesCheck your data usage Download a free data usage meterUpdate your banking detailsPurchase accessories via Web ShopTake control and login to ‘My Account’ using your User ID (95.........) and Password.  

What are the peak and off-peak hours?

Peak data time is 12 noon – 11pm. Off-peak data times are 11pm - 12 noon (AEST). Your peak and off-peak times can be set to your local time zone by logging into 'My Account' and clicking on 'My Details' and selecting 'Billing Time Zone' from the menu on the left.  

How can I manage my account and data usage?

We provide a free on-screen usage meter. You also get 24/7 online access to your detailed account information so that you can easily monitor your monthly tax invoices. Simply login to My Account with your User ID and password.Once you have installed your free usage meter it can automatically update regularly and allows you to keep an eye out for approaching data limits.An email will be sent with notification of your usage at 50%, 80%, 100%, 200% and 300% of your monthly data allowance. If we have your mobile number on record an SMS will also be sent at 80%, 100%, 200% and 300% of your monthly data allowance. You can easily update your mobile and email number by logging into 'My Account'.  

Do you offer data blocks?

Yes. Data blocks are available to existing satellite broadband customers who are on a shaped plan. Customers who are on excess plans cannot purchase data blocks.  



Do you provide technical support and assistance?

Activ8me offers FREE technical support to our customers. Our Melbourne call centre is open 8am-9pm on weekdays and 8am-7pm on weekends (AEST).

Why choose Activ8me Broadband?

Our expertise in broadband for rural Australians has been gained through over 40,000 satellite installations from farms, towns, stations and remote communities. In fact, we’re Australia’s biggest and most popular supplier of satellite broadband. We are an Australian company so we have the local knowledge to provide you with expert advice. Our size means you can rely on us to be around for the long-term.