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What is Fibre Phone?

Activ8me Fibre Phone is a replacement copper phone service that allows to to make and receive phone calls using your NBN Fibre broadband connection. Using a standard hand held handset you can start saving money on your phone bill with cheap line rental and call rates.

Do you live in an NBN copper disconnection area or a new housing estate?

If you live in an area where NBN Co are going to disconnect or have disconnected the copper phone service from your premises then your alternative service is the Fibre Phone service.  

If you live in a new housing estate or apartment complex then there will be no copper lines installed at your premises. NBN Fibre Optic is the copper alternative that has been installed and will provide you with your broadband and phone service.

What are the benefits of Fibre Phone?

  • 9 Cent un-timed Local and National calls (FREE on Premium Plan)
  • 30 Cent Mobile Calls per min (plus 15 cent flagfall)
  • International Call rates from $0.06 per min
  • No flagfall/call connection charges on Local and National calls
  • Line rental from $9.95 per month*

How do I sign up for Fibre Phone?

You must have an NBN Fibre broadband connection to sign up for Fibre Phone. If you are an Activ8me NBN Fibre customer you can bundle the Fibre Phone service with your NBN Fibre service and save $20 per month on your monthly fee.

If you are an existing Activ8me customer you can sign up by logging into 'My Account' and selecting 'New Services and Offers'  from menu and clicking on 'Fibre Phone'.

If you are signing up for an Activ8me Broadband service you can choose Fibre Phone as an option during the sign up process.

Connecting to Fibre Phone

How Do I Sign Up For Fibre Phone?

To sign up for Fibre Phone you will have to call our sales team on 13 22 88 to check if you are eligible.

How does Fibre Phone work?

Fibre Phone works in a similar manner to your current copper phone line service. However it uses the new fibre optic cable connected to your premises to send and receive calls instead of your existing copper phone line.


Most handsets should continue to work with the new Fibre Phone. Wired or cordless phone handsets will both work with the service. The only exception is very old rotary dial phones, which will not work.

Please note in the event of a power outage, cordless phones will not function as the base station needs power to operate. Wired handsets may still work in a power outage as detailed below.

Porting/Transferring your phone number to Fibre Phone

If you wish to keep your current phone number you will have to transfer (port) your number. A once off $30 porting fee applies. 


What does the Backup Battery do?

Battery backup to your phone line is only possible when a Battery backup unit is installed and connected to your Fibre Modem. In the event of a power outage the battery backup unit will provide a few hours of operational power. This only delivers power to the Uni- V (phone) ports on the fibre modem. A wired handset will continue to function while the battery retains charge but a cordless unit will not as cordless phone base stations need mains power to operate.

Will Fax & EFTPOS terminals work on Fibre Phone?

Fax and EFTPOS machines will work on Fibre Internet Phone however you may need to purchase a second line or install a line splitter to share the phone line with these services. There should be no change to how these services work.

Will Security alarms work with Fibre Phone?

Activ8me cannot guarantee that your security alarm will work with our Fibre Phone product. As there are many different brands and types of equipment, we cannot be sure that all will work.

Will Medical alarms work with Fibre Phone?

Activ8me Fibre Phone does not support medical alarms.

Does Fibre Phone offer Priority Assist?

Activ8me Fibre Phone does not support Priority Assistance.


Fibre Phone is a self-install product, i.e. there is no option for Activ8me to arrange a visit from a technician. If you wish to have the existing phone sockets connected to the modem, you will have to contact a local cabling company.

What will my new phone number be?

If you choose not to port your existing phone number or you don’t currently have an existing phone number, you will be given the option to choose your new number from a list of phone numbers offered by Activ8me. 

How am I billed?

Activ8me Fibre Phone is a post-paid phone service, much like a regular land-line. Each month you will be billed the monthly service charge and any calls made in the previous month.

How do I view my call usage?

On the Activ8me website under ‘My Account’, you can view an itemised account of all calls made.


Fibre Phone comes with a number of standard included features, these include:

Call Waiting: Notifies you of a second call and allows switching between calls; phone must have recall or answer button

Calling Number Display: Displays the phone number of incoming calls if the handset supports display and if the caller's number is not blocked e.g. from a silent line

Silent Number: Blocks the phone number information on outgoing calls