How drones could be used for businesses in Australia

October 6, 2015 9:12 pm

Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Drones are increasing in popularity and number in the commercial market. Officially known as UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles), drones have captivated hobbyists and other new tech investors alike.
Fans and advocates of drones claim they have various commercial applications thanks to their small size and flying capability sans an onboard pilot. However, there are plenty of individuals who are worried about privacy as they perceive drones to be potentially invasive.
Still, despite those who oppose it, drones are gradually being incorporated into the commercial world. Below are some of the great benefits drones have to offer to businesses and the general public.

  1. Product delivery

Drones will enable businesses to deliver products or packages to customers without having to send a driver. Even food items and beverages can be delivered by specially-designed drones which could help increase business savings in the long run.

  1. Commercial photography

Real estate agents can make use of drones or hire photographers who offer drone-based photo services to take aerial shots of a property or properties up for sale. These services are also great for covering events by taking overhead photos.

  1. News coverage

With drones, news coverage will no longer be limited to pricey helicopters. Drones with cameras onboard can cover wide aerial shots and fly lower compared to manned aircrafts. Drone footage can be the next best news coverage and delivery tool.

  1. Agriculture and wildlife documentation

Drones can also be useful in farming, where large-scale farmers can use UAVs to get aerial views to allow them to closely monitor crop growth. Likewise, drones can be used to document and survey wildlife, opening the possibility of keeping count of animals in the wild without disturbing or frightening them away.

  1. Public safety

Law enforcement plus search and rescue missions can all be made easier with the help of drones, particularly in dangerous situations where pilot-flown aircrafts may otherwise be at risk.

  1. Internet service

Drones can be used as wireless Internet carriers which can help even the most remote parts of the world go online. Solar drones can remain airborne for as long as five years, making it a viable movable wireless access point.
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