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August 30, 2018 2:33 pm

activ8me satellite internet-education plans

activ8me satellite internet education plans

In this age of increasingly internet-based education, there’s a clear challenge in rural and regional areas when it comes to access to cost-effective and reliable internet services. This digital divide impacts not only primary and secondary school goers but even more significantly impacts those students completing distance education, school of the air, and home schooling.
In an effort to improve and support students needing better and more cost-effective access to the internet, Activ8me offer specialised plans for nbn Sky Muster satellite internet services.
These plans all come without any lock-in contracts, an optional upgrade for increased speeds, and an option for a wireless router if necessary.
What are Education Plans?
The education Plans are an extra data allowance given to eligible students using an nbn Sky Muster satellite service.
Who is eligible for the Education Plan data allowance?
State Education Departments determine the eligibility of each student. Generally, students who study via distance education such as School of the Air are eligible for an Education Plan.
Students that attend bricks and mortar schools will not be eligible for an education allowance even if they live in a remote location.
How do I check if my child is eligible?
You are required to send the Student ID that the service is for to Activ8me. We will then confirm eligibility of the student with the nbn and your State Education Department.
I’m a University student studying online, am I eligible?
No, only Prep/Kinder to year 12 students are eligible for the education data allowance.
Plans are available for up to 3 students per service. Each student is eligible for a 50GB allowance.
What happens if my child has finished school?
If a student finishes school then they will no longer be eligible for the Education Plan. The nbn keep track of eligible students and will advise Activ8me of any changes that need to be made.
If you or your child is currently from prep to 12 and is completing distance education, school of the air, or home schooling, please contact us on 13 22 88 to talk to our friendly Australian-based customer service and sales teams to discuss your plan options.

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