Digital Will Transform Workforce Landscape

March 23, 2017 1:38 pm


Times are changing for the future of the Australian workforce.
According to Data61 CEO Adrian Turner, the looming digital revolution will transform the work landscape of the country.
In an article by Computer World, Mr Turner spoke about the forthcoming “industrial revolution,” projected to wipe out about 40 percent of Australian jobs within the next 15 years.
Mr Turner remains confident that new jobs will emerge to replace those gone.
During his presentation of “People in the Future of Work at Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit in Sydney, he said 

 “New jobs will be created, make no mistake. It will be jobs that require a lot of dexterity.”

Furthermore, he noted that although technology and digital revolution will make some jobs obsolete, it will create new ones that require the involvement of humans.

“You see keyboard operators declining massively but people moving into higher roles in accounting, you see it in photography. You see a decline in developers and printers but an amazing explosion in creativity as more people get into digital photography. You see the number of print workers declining and the number of graphic designers growing.”

Data61 CEO Adrian Turner via Computer World

Regarding where he based these predictions, he said that it’s made apparent by the emergence of cyber-physical systems, such as people interacting with devices more than ever.
Mr Turner said that the possibilities are endless, especially now that the country has the capability to adapt to these changes. That includes Australia’s regional and rural areas in which aspiring tech career seekers can now seek virtual or remote employment. The National Broadband Network’s (nbn™) Sky Muster™ satellite, that is now available through sky muster plans from ISPs, that offer a much improved internet service for real time collaboration.
Change is on the horizon for Australia’s workforce. Let’s embrace it by being digital savvy.
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