Crace to disconnect their copper phone line

October 21, 2014 8:54 pm

Households and businesses in Crace are soon to get notification from NBN Co about the switch off of copper phone lines, and the migration to the National Broadband Network.

By the 23rd of October 2014, next week, Thursday, 2700 premises will join the migration list of NBN Co.

NBN Co is progressively announcing the areas that reached the deadline for copper telephone networks, which will be permanently disconnected as part of the move to the NBN network.

ISP’s and NBN Co always advise that there is no need to panic about this deadline. Phone and internet services won’t stop on the said date, and customers could use that time to upgrade to the NBN services.


We all know that most households and businesses rely on the old telephone and should consider reviewing other ISPs for them to have options in meeting their needs for their internet and phone usage.

Businesses that use the NAB EFTPOS terminal have nothing to worry about with Activ8me. NAB tested their NAB EFTPOS terminals with a range of phone and internet services on the NBN which have been successfully tested to work with the customers’ devices.

For alarms and fax machines that require a copper network, you may call your manufacturers about their compatibility with NBN. NBN Co is committed to supporting service providers that give priority assistance service to customers. For questions concerning priority assistance, you may check the NBN Co website.

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