How to Conserve Bandwidth for Your Home for the Holidays

December 20, 2015 10:40 pm

If you don’t want your connection speed to suffer this holiday season, you need to start becoming byte-conscious and come up with ways to conserve bandwidth so you can do more with less.
Let’s get you started.
Monitor and plan usage
It is your responsibility as a customer to monitor your bandwidth usage. One thing to watch out for is Internet spikes. You can check as often as once a day or you may do so once a week. The idea is to determine whether you have unused bandwidth before month end and to use it up before cutoff.
Switch off auto-updates
Software updates are necessary for a reliable system. However, large updates can take up a lot of bandwidth. Over the holidays, consider switching off updates for the time being and just wait until online activity dies down in your household. That’s when you can use up your remaining bandwidth for the month, if any.
Cut back on VoIP
VoIP, while convenient and useful, costs a lot of bandwidth. Consider using other means of communication like text when voice and video are not entirely necessary. You will save a lot of bandwidth in the process.
Close remote connections
Remote connections are very useful in today’s telecommuting society. It is so useful that many of us forget to close connections and leave them open so that it will be easier and faster to fire up the next time. Unfortunately, this can suck your bandwidth and quickly cause you to reach your data cap. Just remember, log out.
Secure your home network
If you haven’t secured your Wi-Fi connection with a password yet, now is the time for it. This will prevent your neighbours from connecting to your network and eating up precious bandwidth, counting against your cap.
Stay tuned to learn more useful tips on how to get the best possible connection at home. To know the best nbn broadband plans for your home, you can visit our Plan Guru or call sales on 13 22 88. Our friendly representatives will help you choose the best nbn™ and how to connect.

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