Better online learning through NBN broadband this 2015

February 23, 2015 9:12 pm

In the next 12 months, fast NBN broadband will pave the way for new technologies to become available in Australian homes, businesses, and even classrooms. As another school year starts, Aussie students can expect a shift in the way they learn at school.

A paperless classroom
eBooks are increasing in popularity and are gradually being considered to be more practical than textbooks. These digital copies are more affordable and cost-effective compared to the many textbooks students need to buy each year. This 2015, we may be seeing a decrease in the amount of paper used in classrooms.
Global learning opportunities
Fast NBN broadband enables students to gain access to learning material as well as experts in various fields across the globe without having to pay for travel expenses. Video excursions that allow students to explore different parts of the world without leaving the classroom present an exciting opportunity for learning like never before.
A mobile classroom
With the availability of and access to the NBN, Australians of all ages and from all parts of the country can now take the classroom with them wherever they go. With fast Internet, classrooms are no longer limited to the four walls in school. Research, learning, and communication can now happen wherever, whenever. E-learning will change the way students study and learn.

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