Best apps to monitor children’s multi-device Internet browsing

May 25, 2015 9:41 pm

Mobile devices continue to be on the rise, and with this emerges a trend in parental control apps allowing parents to monitor and have better control of their child’s activities, both on and offline.
Kids have been spending more and more time in front of the screen, and it’s not just the TV screen now. With the rise of computers, iPods, tablets, smartphones, video games, as well as digital toys, parents now have a more difficult task limiting screen time for their kids.
The reality is, despite the many advantages access to technology brings children, too much screen time can also have an adverse effect on their learning and more importantly, their health.
Some of the usual problems associated with excessive screen time include:

  • Obesity
  • Poor eating habits
  • Sleep deprivation or loss
  • Social isolation
  • Behavioural issues

Thankfully, as mobile devices continue their ascent, so does the trend of parental control apps allowing parents to supervise their children’s devices and control their usage.
Here are three parental control apps for the modern mom and dad:

  1. DinnerTime (available on Android and iOS)

This app helps parents monitor app usage as well as downloads. It also allows them to set limits and a clock for bedtime. They can also pause activities remotely. Watch the DinnerTime setup tutorial here.

Dinner Time

  1. ParentKit (for iOS)

Apart from giving parents control over their kids’ usage and web browser activity, this app also has a “screen off” feature that activates when the set schedule comes into effect. It hides selected apps from the child’s view on the device.

parent kit

  1. ScreenTime (for Android)

ScreenTime offers more than just the usual time-limit features. It lets parents add bonus time to reward children for good behaviour, good grades, or whenever they feel like giving out a reward. The app also offers monitoring capabilities for both apps and websites. Parents have the option to block apps they do not want their child to use.


The best way to enforce rules and limits on screen time is to explain to children why there is a need for such and to help them understand the importance of being physically active and going outside to play with friends. Continue implementing rules on their online activities but give them ample freedom to choose what they would like to do when they are allowed to be in front of the screen.

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