Benefits of VoIP for businesses – Internet Phone Service

October 7, 2013 4:46 pm

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Communication plays a powerful role in any business. For any organisation to grow, it has to be internally and externally well-connected. Not long ago, business phones and fax machines were 2 of the few means of communication. Costs have been high, and there were hardly any alternatives to choose from.
Today, with the rising growth of internet infrastructures and its corresponding global influence, businesses are now able to use a phone powered solely by internet. These business phones are called internet phone service or VoIP.
What are the advantages?
Cost Advantage
An internet connection is always geared towards cost. An internet phone service is undoubtedly more cost-efficient than a traditional landline. Especially for businesses with various offices and branches, long-distance and international calls will be far less expensive.
Priority documents supposed to be faxed can be scanned, converted into a PDF file and password-protected to add a layer of confidentiality. Internal communication can remain strong and consistent without having to worry about phone bills increasing exponentially every month.
When network systems for voice, computer and other data transmission are unified into one internet connection, it becomes a practical way to stay well-connected at a fraction of the cost.
More Work Gets Done
With a business landline, only 2 people can talk at the same time.
If there is a need for a conference, the only viable solution is to have all those concerned physically present. That means employees have to drive all the way to the venue at an agreed time. With VoIP, several employees can communicate through video conferencing regardless of where they may be.
Cheaper to Use
If you already have an internet connection and want to use VoIP for your business communication, you don’t need to spend much on the required hardware and software.
All you need (aside from the computer, the handsets and the internet connection you already have) is an ATA box. You may still require a landline connection for emergencies as VoIP does not work when there is no electricity.
Technologies truly change the way businesses operate. From typewriters to computers, from age-old photocopiers to scanners and traditional landlines to internet phone service, we can truly say that we live in an age of change.

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