Benefits of VoIP as a business solution

May 4, 2015 9:28 pm

voipThe average business has tasks which heavily rely on reliable phone access. Despite the presence of networked computers, phones are still important for a business’ day-to-day communications and operations.
With the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP, come many advantages where phone technology makes use of broadband Internet connections as well as hosted VoIP systems – a far cry from the old phone systems of the past.
Take a look at the five major advantages hosted VoIP phone systems offers businesses.

  1. Easy installation, configuration (and reconfiguration), and maintenance

The simplicity of VoIP installation makes it possible for even less tech-savvy individuals to do it themselves. The setup is quick and painless, and it’s ready to go instantly. Reconfiguring the system is also easy through the web portal, eliminating the need to install VoIP hardware or software – only IP phones.

  1. Easy upgrading and downgrading

New employees? No worries! With VoIP, it is easy to add new users and reassign or remove lines whenever necessary. Unlike traditional phone systems, this is less costly and it guarantees not having to spend on excessive lines which have no real use to the business.

  1. A wide range of call features

Traditional phone features such as call holding, call transferring, conference calling, and other add-ons are available in hosted VoIP systems. Even faxing is possible through IP faxing which allow users to send and receive faxes through the existing email account in a hosted VoIP system.

  1. Cost-efficient

Believed to be the greatest advantage of hosted VoIP systems, businesses are able to save a considerable amount of money on installation, and the calls themselves. Businesses that make plenty of international calls can appreciate this kind of savings even more as it is an excellent phone system investment minus the towering cost.

  1. Easy integration with business applications

It is easy to integrate VoIP systems with other applications used by a business because VoIP calls are Internet-based. Customer records may be pulled up with each particular customer’s inbound call and outbound calls may be placed through email clients such as Outlook. It is also possible to access voice-mail accounts through email and even transcribe them into text (select VoIP systems).
With all the advantages that come with hosted VoIP phone systems, it makes sense for businesses to use this technology to meet their needs and invest in long-term communication and business office solutions which will not cost the organisation a fortune to acquire.

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