Australian Farmers Website Launched by NFF

August 9, 2016 7:45 am

nff new website
The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has recently launched its new digital platform at the NSW Farmers conference in Sydney. AustralianFarmers is the newest online home of Australian agriculture, serving the latest news and information, and providing the tools to help project industry voices on issues that matter to the farming community.
The website offers localised weather data to improve decision-making, enabling farmers to exchange ideas and advocate on issues that matter most, and provides news about food, fibre, and farming.
NFF CEO Tony Mahar said the online platform is a major step in bringing the farming community together in the 21st century.

AustralianFarmers will revolutionise the way we engage with the community: delivering the latest news from agricultural organisations and empowering farmers to share their ideas and knowledge instantly.Farmers live and work across the entire nation, including the most remote and isolated parts of Australia.
The platform […]enables farmers to tell their story to a bigger audience than ever before. Our vision […] is to provide farmers with innovative digital tools and technology to enhance the industry’s productivity.”

-Mr Mahar

Mr Mahar emphasised the importance of arming the industry with online advocacy tools in today’s age.

The plan to build the website was first revealed when the NFF accompanied Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at a media conference in December last year, to announce a package of measures focused on digital innovation.
NFF has promised that its new online advocacy platform can compete with the likes of Animals Australia and GetUp! to deliver timely public and political messages on core issues, backing Australian farmers.

AustralianFarmers gives us a powerful tool to tell our story, living in the bush and looking after our animals, crops, land, and wildlife. It helps us to connect better with farmers to understand their views on the big issues. Everyone in the agricultural community has a role to play in telling that story and is a way we can all do that,”

-Mr Mahar, quoted in

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