The Australian Consumer is Increasingly Active with Digital Experience

July 22, 2016 7:11 am

Australian consumers are becoming increasingly active with the improved digital performance that some local brands offer. However,  a gap remains between the experience that many brands deliver and what Aussie consumers actually expect, according to a newly published survey by global enterprise software leader SAP.
The SAP Australian Digital Experience 2016 Report, revealed that 76% of consumers who were delighted with their digital experience said they would remain loyal to that brand. In contrast, only 16% said they would continue using the service if they were unsatisfied with their digital experience. Digital experience impacts the customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy, as well as the success of a business. Although there are improvements over last year, 40% of Australian consumers still say they are unsatisfied with the digital experiences they receive from major local brands.
The report provides the following infographic details as reported in Business Insider Australia:

digital experience australia

infographic courtesy of SAP and

The study was based on 3,500 consumers who rated about 9,000 digital interactions with different brands across seven industries in the country. Each of them gave brand assessments based on a set of digital experience attributes that ranged from functional to emotional. The research found that the proportion of consumers who were unsatisfied with their digital experiences dropped from 47% in 2015 to 40% in 2016.
According to the SAP study, delighted consumers are nearly five times more likely to remain loyal to a brand than those who are unsatisfied. “The good news is things are getting better for Australian consumers, and more brands are delivering the digital experience basics,” remarked John Ruthven, President and Managing Director for SAP Australia and New Zealand.
Furthermore, the SAP analysis showed a strong correlation between how delighted consumers are with their digital experience and their willingness to provide private data. summarised the following data:

  • 39% of delighted consumers would disclose their buying preferences
  • 24% their health records
  • 24% their web browsing history
  • 21% their personal finances

“Digital transformation means different things to different people, but the motivation behind it is always the same – the customer. Every time customers gain more power, organisations need more power to keep up with their demands. Brands that perform best are those who unite their people,”

-Ruthven quoted in

The report has emphasised that in today’s one-click economy more consumers are demanding better convenience, greater control, and instant satisfaction. If a brand is not able to deliver, the consumer will find another that can.
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