Aussie farmlands gear up for tech enabled farming

May 26, 2016 9:22 pm

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The United Nations predicts that there will be approximately 9.6 billion people by 2050 requiring more food production to sustain the rising population. Farming plays an indispensable role in human survival, both now and in the future.
Confronted with the ever increasing demand for food production and security, Aussie farmlands gear up for technologically enabled farming methods to meet the millennium challenge.
Smart Farming Technology
Australia is ranked No. 9 among the Top 10 Agricultural Exporting Countries with annual agriculture net exports valued at almost $38 billion according to the World Trade Organisation. As one of the top net food exporters, Australia maintains its global leadership position through sophisticated research and development capabilities.
Aussie farmers have partnered with agricultural scientists and technology developers in utilising
Sustainable Manageable Accessible Rural Technology (SMART) for farming to achieve unprecedented growth in the industry.
SMART farms are equipped with advanced telemetry network that can host automatic sensors and intelligent systems that are remotely monitored using connected devices through the Internet. These digital technologies help Australian farmers become more efficient in managing their farms, such as  monitoring soil moisture levels, controlling livestock movements, enhancing farm security, and more.
This monitoring process is also known as Precision Agriculture, which involves the utilisation of advanced sensor and drone technologies to gather relevant data. It enhances farming connectivity and aims towards better productivity.
The Role of the nbn™ in Digital Agriculture
Digital agriculture offers disruptive technologies and emerging applications that enhance production systems and supply chains, which create unique business models that empower farmers and agribusiness owners. These modern tools provide them with high levels of precision and insights that have not been previously available.
Moreover, agricultural analytics are now available in the market that can efficiently combine historic field data with comprehensive real-time metrics providing operational intelligence solutions that enable farm owners to make smarter decisions.
The nbn™ serves the pivotal role as the key-enabler in providing fast and reliable Internet access towards the application of these new digital farming technologies in the paddock. It can help catalyse the agricultural industry and give rise to a new generation of smart Aussie farmers.
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