Agriculture Education Stems Hopes for Australia

January 20, 2017 9:20 am

agriculture farm education australia

The Australian Agriculture sector has suffered from brain drain, as few students are considering a career or study in agriculture.

According to Cosmos Magazine, the country’s agricultural education was in a slump 10 years ago. Agricultural schools were commonly considered ‘second rate options’ to prospective students.
Fortunately, all that is set to change. The industry has experienced a revolution thanks to efforts of key players in the industry and academia.
Today, more are pursuing a career in the industry because people are learning there’s more to it than just farms. Agriculture is a large industry with many aspects that provide jobs for farmers and a range of other careers.
With the emergence of Internet-of-Things and “smart farms,” the agricultural industry has opened its doors to STEM-related fields like IT. According to a new data, much on-farm manual labour is being replaced by high-tech systems like GPS and sensors.

 “[The agriculture industry] must not rest its laurels yet because, we need to continue promoting the positive image and communicating the great opportunities that exist for graduates of all persuasions in careers so important to the national and global economies.”

Jim Pratley, research professor of Agriculture.

There’s still a way to go, but it’s great to know everyone is lending a hand in reviving the agriculture industry – government included – via different means, such as providing satellite internet to power IoT-based farms.
With these factors in full force, Australia’s agriculture sector is on its way to boom once more.
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