The Advantages of VoIP for Small Businesses

November 24, 2015 10:19 pm

Voice over IP
Voice over the Internet Protocol or VoIP for short utilises technology that allows you call and receive phone calls over the internet. What originated as an experiment in utilizing voice over packets through the internet as an alternative to the telephone copper lines, have quickly become mainstream and is vital in today’s enterprise communications backbone. Today, VoIP phones are no longer confined with enterprises as VoIP has made its way to small businesses and home use by subscribers.
VoIP benefits the small businesses with the following ways:

  1. Same Features – A VoIP has the same phone call capabilities like that of the regular phone that includes multiple branch lines, conference calls, voice mail among others. When equipped with a good IP Phone firmware, you can get access to advance features such as call filter, call tracking and other functionalities. 
  1. Cost Efficiency – VoIP costs less compared to the old phone service lines and this is ideal for the cost efficiency of the small business where billing is set on a monthly flat rate that is easy to account. The rates for local and abroad calls are just as competitive with the IDD providers. 
  1. Simplicity – When businesses avail of VoIP, the calls are routed through the same network in your broadband that powers your internet access and email protocols. It makes for a streamlined and centered communication lines. This allows VoIP to be bundled by providers into their broadband solutions. 
  1. Portability – Since VoIP are often bundled with broadband solutions, your internet service becomes your communications platform that will allow you re-direct incoming office calls into your IP Phone or Smart Phone while you are out of town. This allows you to still be connected with the vital communication lines of your business. 
  1. Other Factors to Consider – VoIP is continuously improving and the call quality has made progress since the platform’s inception. Today, businesses have migrated to the VoIP platform as their communication backbone due to VoIP’s reliability and quality. Depending on the number of phone lines with the VoIP platform, you may need to go for a higher bandwidth plan if you plan on expanding the users of the VoIP phone line. 

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