ADSL alternatives guaranteeing faster, more reliable internet

May 18, 2016 9:41 pm

adsl alternatives
If you’re not content to live indefinitely with subpar ADSL Internet speeds, you don’t have to be stuck in its network nightmare. There are now better options that guarantee faster and more reliable Internet for regional and rural broadband connectivity.
Why ditch ADSL?
Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) technology is dependent on century-old copper line networks that are previously provisioned for landline telephones. ADSL signals are often degraded by corroded telephone lines, poorly designed micro-filters, repetitive electrical impulse noise (REIN), surge suppressors, and long winding telephone extension cords. These factors become more significant when the subscriber’s phone line exceeds 4 km from the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) in the telephone exchange that links the local loop to the backbone network of the Internet service provider (ISP). It is easily susceptible to attenuation or the reduction in signal strength due to long distance data transmission. ADSL speeds can vary depending on the distance to the network exchange, the quality of copper wire in your premises, and the volume of people using the network in your area.
Why switch to nbn™ Fibre?
The nbn™ Fibre is a next generation broadband service capable of speeds much faster than those available through ADSL. Unlike copper wire, fibre optic technology is not susceptible to REIN interference and attenuation. Fibre optic cables are made of glass capable of transmitting large amounts of data modulated onto light waves that travel at the speed of light. With fibre, data can move at higher speeds and at greater distances with very little signal loss during transmission. The nbn™ Fibre Plans are now available for subscription where you can enjoy ultra fast speeds of up to 100Mbps for download and 40Mbps for upload.
Why switch to nbn™ Fixed Wireless?
The nbn™ Fixed Wireless offers a much faster and more reliable Internet connection than what is currently available in most regional areas. A small antenna is installed on your premises that picks up radio signals from a nearby wireless base tower station enabling you to access the Internet. With speeds of up to 25/5Mbps, the service is much faster than standard ADSL services available in metro areas. Unlike mobile wireless that serves various premises and types of devices, Fixed Wireless delivers Internet connectivity to a fixed number of premises within a coverage area. During peak periods, Fixed Wireless provides more reliable speeds because the bandwidth per household is more consistent. The nbn™ Fixed Wireless Plans offer great download speeds supporting high-bandwidth services, such as streaming, video conferencing, and cloud computing services, which are important in connecting Australian families and businesses.
Fast nbn™ broadband Internet provides countless benefits for Australians.  Activ8me can provide you with the right advice to connect you to the nbn™. To check availability, go to our homepage then type your address in the “Get Deals” section or speak to our 100% Australian staff on 13 22 88.

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