Activ8me are first ISP to connect 10,000 customers to nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite

September 8, 2016 9:42 am

activ8me 10,000 sky muster satellite installations isp
Activ8me and nbn are celebrating a big milestone today – 10,000 installed Sky Muster satellite customers. Activ8me are the first nbn provider to reach this milestone with a customer from Harrow, Victoria being number 10,000.
This is a huge moment for Activ8me and the nbn. In just over 4 months nbn have been able to connect 10,000 Activ8me customers to the new Sky Muster satellite.

“Activ8me’s first official installation took place on 2nd May and we were inundated with orders, so it’s great to see the rate of connections has increased and the orders waiting for installation getting processed.“

– Activ8me’s GM Marketing, Ian Roberts

Activ8me are pleased to see the activations schedule for the Sky Muster™ nbn™ satellite service is now running at full capacity. This is a great achievement given the size and complexity of connecting so many properties across a massive area in regional and remote Australia.

“Sky Muster offers much improved speeds over existing satellite technologies and we can see that by the fantastic feedback from our installed customers. We are very happy with the progress to date but there is still a long way to go for us with plenty more customers patiently waiting to be installed with a Sky Muster service”

-Activ8me’s CEO Tony Bundrock.

At the current rate of install, Activ8me hope to have 20,000 customers installed by the end of 2016.
nbn will also be launching their second satellite in October. The new satellite will provide additional data capacity for the nbn Sky Muster service.
There are over 400,000 premises eligible for Sky Muster satellite. If you have yet to sign up to a Sky Muster service with Activ8me, you can do so by calling 13 22 88. If you would like more information on the nbn Sky Muster Satellite service you can visit:

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