5 Tips to speed up your home's Wi-Fi

August 3, 2015 8:04 pm

Are you able to maximise the Internet speeds you are paying for each month?
You might not be getting the full experience due to a weak wireless connection. There are different tips to help you improve your setup in order to get the fastest speed possible.
Wi-Fi routers serve as the gateway between a user’s device/s and ISP (Internet Service Provider). The highest speeds go to wired connections to the router. However, once the connection is routed off to other wireless devices, the speed gets slower. Other factors that could affect speed and hamper signals are:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Other electronics
  • Large crowds

Here’s a handful of tips to boost Internet speed.

Relocate the router

Where is your Wi-Fi router currently positioned? If it is carefully tucked in a corner, or is blocked by furniture or other devices, move it. Remember it is sending and receiving signals from all directions, so if you’re looking to boost speed and signal strength, find a better position for the router.

Replace the router’s antenna (incoming and outgoing)

If moving the router to hasn’t solved the problem, consider replacing the antenna and switching to a high-gain directional one which will boost signal strength. In case you have to keep your router in a tight or enclosed spot, such as a closet, get an external Wi-Fi antenna so your signals don’t get disrupted.

Add a wireless range extender (wireless repeater)

Take your Wi-Fi router’s existing signal and rebroadcast it to a second network using a wireless repeater. It functions as a bridge between your connected device/s and the router and extends your network’s range considerably. You can either buy a new one for under $100, or use an old router you have lying around for the job.

Close and disable unused background apps

You most likely have plenty of apps running in the background and these could be causing the slowdown in Internet speed. To fix the issue, disable app notifications and close any unused applications.
Still experiencing slow speeds? You might need an upgrade with one of Activ8me’s ADSL2 Plans. If your current plan is not enough for your Internet usage each month, consider calling 13 22 88 for an upgrade so you can find the most suitable plan to best fit your connectivity needs.

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